Me and my Cousin


This is just a little filler of a post while I'm full of cold which I caught while I came home for the weekend from uni, TYPICAL. It's really annoyed me because I've not even started my course properly yet but I can't call it freshers flu because well I didn't really do anything massively freshery?

These pictures were taken during "the summer" the second time my cousin stayed with us while on her visit from New Zealand. My mum took the pictures while we were at a local garden centre we used to love playing in my old Wendy house and we just couldn't resist doing it again even though were both now 18!

Its still taking me a bit of time to still really settle in at uni so I'm unsure as to how much blogging I'll get to do! I have some lovely shots my brother took somewhere on my laptop, so once I find them they will be going up!
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