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Okay I know that the last few music video's I've posted have all been Ed Sheeran but its just because hes so amazing! And this video is the best think I've ever seen, this song I already knew the words to because I pre-ordered the album and got it as soon as it came out ( which I still need to blog about because it's really quiet special!) but that really doesn't matter because you cannot get bored with any of Ed's songs as you always hear something different, the lyrics are always clever and witty and generally beautiful.

Now If you've not noticed by now it's not Ed in the majority of the video it is in fact the other ginger in my life Ruper Grint now I knew a few weeks ago that Rupert was going to be involved in something with Ed and I was so unashamedly excited about it because what more could I ask for my two favourite gingers together (other than lily on of my best friends!) Anyway now I'm over the fact Rupert's in it I just want to say how genius this video actually is. I love that Ed is never the "star" of any of his videos the focus is always on a character or something.

Right well I don't really want to ramble much more but Rupert is HILARIOUS and the ending is just beautiful I may of even had a tear in my eye! Watch this and tell me what you think about the boys working together or the song.
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