Vintage Life.


Incidentally I'm not actually wearing anything vintage in these pictures but I feel the look is quite retro so I'm letting myself off! This is what I wore for my last day of college, yes you heard that right my last day! I haven't cried about it yet but I'm in on Wednesday helping out with a taster day for new students and on Thursday I'm going on a workshop with the first years. But at the end of those days I'll hopefully be crying a river!

So now I'll tell you what I'm wearing. The polka dot top is from Tesco and I bought it last summer I really like the length of the sleeves and when I wear it with leggings you can see the stretchy waist on it which gives me a tiny bit of shape. The skirt is new from Dorothy Perkins and I got it in the sale for 7 pounds and I can see me hardly having it off so be prepared for this to be featured in A LOT of outfit posts over the next coming months! I was actually going to buy this at full price so I'm glad I didn't in the end. I was in bare feet for these pictures as it was sunny and I was out in the garden. My headpiece is just some lace edging I bought from the fabric shop for some of my college work but I think it looks super cute as a headband. My lipstick is from the make up academy from superdrug and everything in it is a pound.

Now I wanted to tell you a little bit about this magazine, I first found out about it last summer and it has been massively useful for my college work over the past months, though if your a long term reader of my blog you know I simply adore vintage and the retro look. I have learnt how to do victory rolls and 1960's styled make up from this magazine and it is one of the only magazines I will pay over 2 pounds for, I know as a fashion student I should buy vogue but it really doesn't overly appeal to me I just need to get that confession out! Vintage Life is actually made/published down the road from me. I'm planning on hopefully giving them a call or emailing and seeing about some work experience it would be such a good opportunity for me! So if you into anything retro vintage I'd definitely suggest you get a copy and see if you like it. You can now buy it in WH Smiths so go check it out!

I'm hopefully off to a vintage fair tomorrow, if I find anything I'll show you all soon!
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  1. that's so cool there's a vintage magazine! i've never seen it//heard about it before.

  2. I really love your outfit - definitely a retro vibe which I adore!

  3. congrats on getting done with school! yayyyy!! love this outfit! it does look vintagy! looks really pretty i love the denim! :)


  4. Ahh this is adorable, I love it!

  5. I've just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'm your new follower! I hope you'll check out my blog and follow back :)


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