Vintage Fair.


On Sunday I went to a Vintage Fair at Victoria Baths in Manchester IT was only little but this means you can look at all the stalls multiple times to make sure you see everything. I got some pictures of the actual baths and me there which I'll put up in another post tomorrow.Now I did come back with two pieces from the Vintage Fair one being from this stall and one from another opposite.

I want to talk about this stall more closely The girls were absolute darlings and were more than happy to pose for a picture (its just a shame it had to be so sunny!) I hoping I can edit this picture in the future so its much better but I wanted to get this post up while its all still fresh in my mind from the weekend! They also seemed genuinely interested in the fact I run a blog and what I put on it, I truly hope I bump into them again at another fair! From this girls I bought some fabric for £6 and for the amount I got I thought this was a really good deal! I'm planning on possibly making a skirt or pinafore or something with the fabric, from my guestimation (yes that is a technical term) I'd say its possible sixties or seventies fabric but I could easily be wrong. I don't even mind if its actually a reproduction because I really love the pattern anyway. I wish for the life of me I could find my leaflet so I could link you all to them, Once I do I'll add it all in to the post for you anyway.

While I was walking around the stall with my mum she mentioned how she could see me doing this in a few years time. And to tell you the truth its been a dream of mine for quite a long time, I always envisioned myself with a little old fashioned shop crammed full of vintage items be it clothing or even cups and saucers but who knows if it will ever happen I just thought it was really sweet of my mum to say this. Though I think its because she sees herself doing it with me! She always finds its funny when were walking around the fairs and I'm picking up pieces saying I'd love something like it and she realises we already own the pieces from the first time round. My lovely mum is a hoarder at heart because "one day it will be back in style" sometimes I wish she'd kept this aesthetic with some of her clothing for me to use in shoots but never mind.

Wednesday even though I guess I've officially finished college I'm going in to help out on one of the taster days for new students coming up as they are setting up blogs, so it should be an interesting day. And on that note I should probably go to sleep!
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