By the pool.

the swimsuit of my dreams (Figleaves)

The swimsuit I bought. (Marks and Spencer)

I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage inspired swimming costume for what seems like forever (in reality I've only really been looking since may) some as just far to exspensive for my dwindling funds and other are just not in practical sizes, yes I'm talking to you kelly brook for new look we are not all just a 34 back size!

Now the top picture is the swimsuit of my total dreams underwired and padded cups in a pretty print and even in a 1950's style the downside they only go to a 36/38 back and I'm a 40. I was tempted to just go up a cup size in 38 and see if it fitted but I didn't want to risk it, I've never bought from figleaves before but I was under the understanding that they did bigger cup and back sizes but maybe I'm wrong? The black costume is from Marks and Spencer and I saw this instore in may/june and I'm now regretting not buying it sooner, but I have just ordered it and it shall hopefully be on my doorstep by saturday ready for a night with all my friends in a hot tub (probably slightly tipsy) and I want to feel good in a swimming costume for a change and not frumpy so if I'm feeling brave (or drunk enough) I'm going to get a picture of me in my swimsuit EVERYONE SHEILD YOUR EYES FOR MY PASTY LEGS.

I bought a few really cute pieces over the past week I hope to do some outfit pictures with them soon! I also start a weeks work experience at Vintage Life magazine on monday, its pretty exciting I'll tell you more about it nearer the time.
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  1. I am quite large chested, and nearly no high street stores cater for that!
    i have to buy all my bikinis online because of it, so I feel your pain :(
    high street stores think everyone is skinny/small boobed/kelly brook size, WRONG.
    anyway, nice choice! :D
    Rosie xo

  2. I just don't go swimming, there is never enough support in swimsuits. Evans bikinis have some support but they seem to come in clothes sizes and not cup sizes. Nightmare!!

  3. Figleaves has great swimsuits.


  4. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  5. I love that first suit, I'm such a fan of the one piece. So classic and flattering.

    now following ;)


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