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This is a film to go along with my final collection, my theme is based around The Women's Land Army and the era itself the 1940's. this video is portraying the visual differences between the of now and then as well as how the core of relationships within the war is still the same. By this I mean that the boys leaving the women to go and be soldiers still write and miss there loved ones. And that the women will feel exactly the same but have to keep going or do something to help the war ethic. Also within this film I am showing the contrast of women's clothing of the 1940's and a soldiers uniform from today. Obviously the clothing in this video is not original and is all generally inspired by the uniforms, but it does the job here.

I am in fact the girl in this film (note to self, do not ever become an actress!) and the pieces I'm wearing are not from the 1940's but I think help capture the essence of the look quite well. If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you will notice the first look from and outfit post I did inspired by the women's land army I just added a few changes to the original look as well as pairing different pieces together because in the land army the women wouldn't of had many clothes as it is so would of had to all most always wear the same trousers. In my second look I'm actually wearing a mans flannel shirt which I do wear quite often anyway (its one of those pieces you instantly feel comfortable in, if you understand what I mean?) because a lot of pieces the land girls would of worn would of been pretty shapeless and really rather practical. I added the brooch and headscarf because these could of been pieces which they had brought with them to the farms and possibly just an little amount of possessions they had left. Though they wouldn't of sported a brooch while working it would of been adorned to either there cardigans or blouses when off duty on the farms. And as I've said in some of my older posts based on the Land army the scarf was used to conceal there hair while working, which would of been knotted up in rags until the evening where they would be let down and left with beautiful ringlets.

The Soldier uniform is inspired by today's army look, and was borrowed from a very dear friend of mine Joe, who has the pieces as part of his uniform in the cadets (though this time next year will possibly be training for the army) this look consisted of camouflage trousers, fitted t-shirt and body vest. The bag Finn is carrying is in fact a camping stool, yes I realise how cool that makes me, though it was my brothers idea because Finn wouldn't just be walking away for war with nothing carrying his belongings really.

The basic story of this film is that they are spending there last moments together before he goes away to war, they say goodbye at there special place (which is familiar to them, and classes as 'there' place) and we see how the women copes and becomes a land girl, as many of the girlfriends did in the Second World War. Then she gets a letter but yo don't know what it says....
and I'm not going to say the ending just in case you haven't watched it! The song I chose was Buddy Holly - Dearest, some of you may of heard it on the Juno soundtrack (this is where I found it.) the main reason I chose this song is because of the lyrics and in my opinion they fitted to the story quite well, not only did we choose to shoot this film in the woods and farmland because it looks nice but its also because trees spend 100's of years next to each other, this will make more sense if you've watched the video. We filmed in the lanes about 5 or so minutes away from my house for the scenes with me and Finn. Then for the shots of the land girl at work these were taken in my Granny's orchard and field.

I would like to say one last thank you to my brother who kindly shot it for me and rented the equipment from his uni to do it. (My brother is in his final year at uni studying media so I was helping him as well by making this film)

I hope you enjoy the video and understand what I was trying to put across with using fashion as communication, I would genuinely like to know that you thought of it, so please let me know with a comment.
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