Can you see the subtle change?


This is another illustration inspired by Kate Wilson and Stina Persson. I am in fact extremely happy with how this piece has worked. The intensity of the ink is exactly how I wanted it and where they have met a purple haze has appeared and it just works well together. I have taken Kate's drawing style and stinas beautiful way she works with inks to create this illustration.

As you can see in my cleaned up image the outline of the body is created in a lot of faint dots, personally I really like how this looks as well as it being another way of creating shape and structure. On my fully photoshopped piece I have added dots to match the colour of the dripping inks which adds a different dimension to the illustration.

I feel the mood for this is quite modern because of how vivid the colours are and the inquisitive way Kate Wilson used the dots on her original piece and how I was inspired by her. I think this is my favourite illustration, what are your thoughts on it?
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