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This Dorothy Perkins jacket has been worn out once for about 3 hours and that is all, really nice quality and was bought a few years ago. I'm thinking Maybe £15 pound but I am Happily open to bartering with in reason. Size 18 I can still get it on now and I'm a 20 but its tight on my broad shoulders.

These leather wide fit shoes are by marks and Spencer I had them for my cousins 18th and have only been worn a handful of times. There's a slight damage on the heel which I have photographs of so I was thinking of maybe 10 pounds for them they were £25-30 new. size 6

This is new look dress from there main range it was bought a couple of years ago, it is a size 18 and £25 new. with a really pretty floral patchwork pattern and is in pretty good nick. so I was thinking 10 pound for this.

This skirt is Per Una at marks and Spencers and has never been worn and still has its tags on, really good quality but you need to be a slimmer size 18 or just possibly a taller one (I was 5ft 2 when I bought this) it was originally roughly 40 quid, but I got it on offer when buying something else at the time. I'm thinking £20 for this but please barter with me!

Hello, sorry its been a WHOLLE week but I've been really ill and it wasn't pretty. I've been getting really bad toothache and last Sunday it was horrific and by Monday I couldn't eat anything (and for me not to eat it must be serious!) Then by Tuesday night my face started to swell up and by my appointment on Wednesday half of my face was like the elephant man and insanely painful, they couldn't check anything or x-ray because it was so swollen. So I've been put on antibiotics for a week which I should have finished by Tuesday, though then I'm still on pain killers which just don't seem to work. Anyway with that massive ramble over I just wanted to say lets hope I'm on the mend and will be back to normal soon so I can get back to outfit posts and having energy and eating real food, not living off porridge...

So I've had a few pieces of my wardrobe photographed ready to put up on eBay but I never got round to it so I was just wondering if any of my followers or anyone really would be interested in any of my stuff. Just comment on this blog or tweet, email me and I can find out how much it would cost to send to wherever you are. For now I'll probably just reserve things for you until I've full on sorted my pay pal out. Yes its true you guys have the first picks of things before I put them up on eBay, I'm nice aren't I? Also while I'm on this subject if I get positive response about all this I might set up a little selling blog for all my bits and bobs.

I hope everyone is well and has had a better week than I have.

P.s I have lots more things photographed so keep your eyes pealed for the odd post with them on!
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  1. The coat is quite cute! I saw this pastel pink coat with fur trimmings on sale yesterday at New Look and was so so tempted to buy it but i have no reason to and i regretfully put it back.

  2. I LOVE those shoes! They remind me of Lucille Ball for some reason :)

  3. for some reason im always sick! lol! Love the coat beautiful! iM A NEW FOLLOWER AND PROUD OF IT!


  4. well if any of you are interested in anything just let me know :)

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