Let me take you down, cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.


On this post I'm going to talk about the costumes in the television series. The land army uniforms them selves seemed to be created perfectly to fit with the original pieces from the 1940's as were the rest of the women's costumes throughout the series. During the second world war they had to make do and mend and if it wasn't amendable another use was found for it, in aid to limit waste of infinite resources. If you have read my post on The Land Girls film I feel I may repeat some pieces from that in here, considering they are both about the women's land army.

Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie all wear really adorable and sweet blouses under there overalls. These overalls were the statement piece of land army uniform for working out in the fields and around the farm. I feel in this they have made the land girls a little more glamorous and pristine compared to the film The Land Girls where they showed them getting really involved with the farming ethic, which included them actually looking like they'd spent a long hard day working instead of looking as clean as they started.

The patterns on the blouses are also intricate and detailed just like a number are now. One of my favourites being the pussy bow blouse worn by Joyce in the series. the green background and orange/red coloured flowers really compliment each other.

The beige coats the girls are wearing in the top image are something of a iconic item for many people wardrobes today, but during the 1940s they were more of a practical necessity than a fashion accessory, they were for warmth and to protect them from the elements. But I have to say that Bea's coat looks utterly lovely on her. Oh and finally in case any of you were wondering I do realise strawberry fields was in fact writing in the 1960s not the 1940s I just don't know any other songs involving fields.

And one last thing I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately but once my package of sales goodies arrives I promise to try ands take plenty of photograph's for you!

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