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Military uniforms comprises standardised clothing worn by members of the armed forces of a number of nations. Military dress and military styles have gone through a lot of changes over the centuries from colourful and elaborate to extremely mundane. Military uniforms in the form of basic and distinctive dress are intended for identification and display. They are typically a sign of organised military forces equipped by a central authority.

Right I just wanted to show how the Military uniforms in general have changed now since the 1940's. And yes that is a picture of prince harry it's only up because of the uniform he's wearing (and because hes possible rather beautiful). I think that during the 1940's the soldiers really only had one uniform and possibly a change of socks if they were lucky. And thankfully today I'd like to think and hope that our soldiers are treated with a little more comfort.

You can see a contrast between the uniforms I would say that from what you can see if the "formal" uniform of today's army is tailored and smart. It is also in royal colours with the navy, blue's and red's. They also have a vast amount of detail within its pieces unlike that of the 1940's wartime and this uniform was very basic and the reason for this was that it was going to get dirty and that it had to be cool during the hot days then it also served the purpose of trying to trap in warmth which is the reason behind the choice of almost potato sacking fabric.

For my designs I am concentrating on the women of the war and how they brought fashion to the rations. But we can't have the blokes being left out can we? While were on the little subject of boys I was just wondering if anyone would like to see me doing any guys styles. Not on me obviously but I am not too bad at stylist guys outfit's for certain themes. So just let me know by dropping a comment or something if you fancy seeing that.

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