The Influential Man.


This is Jeremy Warmsley.

He is a modern piece of old fashioned lyrical joy.

He's a little Different.He's punctual.

And just beautifully fluent in his style of story's to music.

Not only does he have his own sense of style but also has real personality in his music. I first heard Dirty Blue Jeans three years ago, and its nice to know hes still virtually unknown of in the mainstream industry making him even more amazing. Another firm favourite of mine off his first album is 5 verses, a lot of his music is also influenced by his surrounding areas and life experiences just like with few other Singer/songwriters.

Jeremy's fashion style is subjective to the genre of music. To himself i'd think he may say a little geeky with a time that has past approach. But to me he's showing how good some guys are at being themselves and prooving, there is no need to be head to top in designers or anything, and that its just good to be you.

you can recreate his retro look from scouting thift stores and charity shops as well as finding key pieces in places such as

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