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Photo from with thanks from Lovedrobe! 

Way back at the beginning of March I was invited to a Ladies Day by Lovedrobe a number of us bloggers were invited to Manchester and have our make up done and try on some of the new drops from Lovedrobe! I met up with Betty Pamper and Kellie at the station where were popped on the tram to Media City where we met everybody else and arrived on mass to the event! 

We had ever flowing fizz and nibbles (which unfortunately I couldn't eat as I'm celiac, however they did look delicious!) We were then allowed to basically try everything we'd like on and snap away they also had two lovely make up artists so we could also have our make up done if we wanted, which I of course opted for as any excuse to be made over and I'm there! From the collection of clothes it was everything I've come to expect from Lovedrobe lots of cute floral's and pretty safe choices with a few more daring numbers for the more quirky among us! As you can see from the image of all us blogger babes together there was something for everyone! 

(Please ignore my awkward face!) 

Here I'm wearing the Elephant Print Shirt Dress in a UK22 something I've found with Lovedrobe is that more often than not I need to size up at least one dress size as they seem to run a little snug. Which for me isn't a problem but I know if you're at the high end of their size guide on the site some pieces unfortunately may not work for you.  I actually really like this dress and it's something that would be perfect in the summer for me, though I'd probably take it up a little as it's super long on me! Would be the perfect length for anyone with lovely long legs though! The next dress I tried on was this Wrap Over Check Dress again here I believe I'm wearing a UK22 I felt a little like an art teacher in this (which for me is definitely a good thing!) I also think the wrap over hugs my curves really well in the snap above! I must thank my Pro photographer Betty for all the snaps of me she took! 

The final dress I tried on (and the one I ended up taking home as part of the goodie bag!) was this Floral Print Shift Dress  again here I'm wearing a UK22 I found that this dress was very narrow around the knees but I loved the print so much that I really didn't mind! Again this dress was too long on me but I've since taken it up to make it more wearable for my stumpy little legs! I thought me and Betty both rocked this so decided to show us both together! 

Thanks again to Lovedrobe for a fabulous day that I was lucky enough to spend with some of my favourite ladies! 

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