Elomi Anushka.


Anushka Set: c/o Elomi Lingerie. Kimono: c/o Yours Clothing (last season) 

Here I am with another lingerie post for you, aren't you all lucky? After Elomi won best Lingerie at The Plus Size Awards they sent me the Anushka Half cup padded Bra and briefs as I attended with them but due to how crazy Christmas was I'm only just having chance to post these up to show you. I've been putting it off as I was worried these photos may not come across all that well but it's a beautiful lacy dare I say even pretty sexy set and I wanted to show you guys! 

Half cup bra's are something I can't really say I've ever tried but I do love this one the padding is just right now so much I feel like it's just padding and no boob but not so little that I feel insecure about getting the dreaded nip on in this freezing weather! Here I'm wearing a 38DD and it fits well, I've never had an issue with sizing when it comes to Elomi and they were the first team to fit me so I knew what size my boobs actually were! (however my size does fluctuate depending on brand etc) what I particularly like about this set is that it feels grown up and snazzy to put on and flounce around in but it's also wearable, so I can actually wear this and it's comfortable! The full knickers aren't as high waisted as I normally like in a lingerie set but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them on, here I'm wearing a UK20 in the briefs which I would say are true to size but don't have a lot of stretch in the fabric. As always the detailing with Elomi is also adorable, I decided to style this with rough/messy hair and a slick of ruby lipstick to match the underwear. I also went with the kimono to cover as I'm so pale I end up almost invisible with the white wall background! 

I can't wait to see some of Elomi's upcoming pieces in person which you can see here. Including this utterly lovely Raquel set which I think gives off a stunning vintage vibe and would look beautiful on! 
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