Footwear Woes with Evans Clothing.

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Top: Made by me. Leggings: Matalan. Necklace: Black Heart Creatives. Clutch Bag: Gift. Shoes: c/o Evans Clothing.

I'm back with a new post for you in featuring footwear from Evans Clothing. They recently got in touch with me and asked if I'd be interested in working with them on a campaign about the problems us girls with wide feet often have and I snapped at the chance as I always struggle with shoes! I answered a questionnaire then I got to try a pair of shoes that would hopefully compete with my woes some of which were:

1. I genuinely have very wide feet, they remind me of a ducks.
2. Heels aren't really my friends, within ten minutes I'm usually crying.
3. I have a high instep so often straps across my feet won't work or will really cut in.

So Evans popped across these contrast scrappy heels. Which do include everything I tend to avoid in footwear. The low heel makes them easier to walk in mostly and I know from experience that Evans size 5EEE are pretty on point for me so they do fit well.  My only issues are that they do still cut in a little across my toes (however this is from first wear, When I wear them in around the house in fluffy socks I'm sure they'll be fine!) and the zip on the heel which makes them a dream to put on, no fiddly buckles(!) does however catch my ankle slightly, again though once worn in I don't think this would be any problem! I styled the shoes with my bardot top I created myself which was originally a skirt from the charity shop, my new lips clutch bag which was a birthday present from my babe Jess at college and the 3 lipstick necklace from one of my favourite jewellery designers Black Heart Creatives! P.S sorry for the lens smudge on my second photo, I really struggled getting snaps due to the sun though it does make it a nice change from blaming the rain! 

What are you footwear woes? You can see Evans full selection of shoes here. 

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1 comment

  1. Okay hunny! I need you to make me this top @chloepierreldn xxx


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