Pining Over Playsuits.


Now the weather is getting a little better here in the UK I thought I'd start looking for some playsuits for the summer again. As I'm a great lover of the playsuit or romper (though I'm not a massive fan of that word) it's something that until less than a year ago I always wore with a pair of tights under as I was worried about my stumpy legs and chunky thighs. However as I'm now way more comfortable with my body than I once was I can't wait to get my legs out, so lets bring on the sunshine!

All three of these playsuits are from Yours Clothing as I've seen the blue acid wash and tropical floral ones in the flesh I know how fab they are! My favourite is definitely the floral number at the top which was modelled by the utter babe that is Tess Holliday. I was actually luckily to meet the lovely lady and all the yours team along with some blogger ladies at a dinner in April, which I will eventually blog about but unfortunately haven't yet been able to sit down and write up properly with all the deadlines I have at the moment! I find the black playsuit with the daisy neckline would be something I could wear when I wish to be a little more dressy in the summer without the discomfort! And the primary reason why I love playsuits is usually I don't get chub rub when I wear them!

Hopefully these pieces will be in store soon as I'd love to go and try them on next time I'm near a Yours! P.S have you notice that Yours Clothing have had a little make over on the site and it is now a complete dream to shop on?
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  1. I tried the black playsuit on - there's a picky of it on me on instagram - it is adorable - I would size up though when you get it : ) xx

  2. I love playsuits so much - but, unless they're in a tall range, they tend to disappear into my nether regions. Such a shame as I love the floral print at the top!

    C xx

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