Sock It To Me!

 I was pretending to be a cat.... Cameow STRETCH IT Knee High.

 IT'SSSS SO FLUFFY! (couldn't resist a despicable me quote) Unicorn STRETCH IT Knee High.

 These are from the main range and deffinitely don't fit my chunky calves! Womens Glasses Knee High.

All Socks c/o Sock It To Me! Oversized Peplum Top: Asos. Black Shorts: Matalan.

When the fabulous guys over at Sock It To Me pinged into my inbox showing me their latest pieces asking if I'd like to showcase some on my blog it was a no brain-er! I'm always on the look out for comfortable and funky socks, I basically live in socks as my feet get really cold but fun ones for chubby feet can be quite difficult to find. So when they mentioned their new STRETCH IT KNEE HIGHS I thought it would be brilliant to test these out for you! They are supposed to stretch up to 21 inches in circumference without the pattern distorting and I think this is genuinely true. Now I'm not 100% sure how big my calves are but I know they are pretty stocky and these socks fitted really comfortably without cutting in at the crease of my knee (which oh so many high socks do!) and the fabric didn't feel tight against my skin and felt like there was still room in them before they'd become uncomfortable. I loved both prints and they're super fun and something I'd happily wear all day as well as being undeniably cute! (Yes I was pretending to be a cat in the top image #sorrynotsorry)

I also decided to choose a pair from the main range for comparison and man they are snug, as you can see by my grumpy face I really struggled to get them up even half way which shows that the STRETCH IT ones definitely work! However I'll still wear these cute glasses print ones as they will work fine rolled down for a slouchy look. And finally I chose the crew length black cat ones because I thought they were just adorable and could look really lovely with a summery swing dress and converse in the summer or equally fabulous with a pair of sandals (can't help but love the socks and sandals look!) 

I thought I'd have a little fun with these photos! Though I really need to get some lighting for when I take snaps in my bedroom as I feel they came out a little dark. So what do you think of Sock It To Me? and in particular their STRETCH IT range I think they're fab for the more curvier girls out there! I can't wait to see if they bring out more in the line as I love loads of their prints and patterns!

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  1. They are beautiful! The photos AND the socks :) I love the first pair and really want it. I mean - cats: What's not to love?

    Annika from

  2. I LOVE THOSE PHOTOS! <3 they too cute!

  3. Love these socks --- I'm a massive fan of old man golfing socks but may need to expand my range to take into account these awesome patterns for those nights of dancing around my bedroom in french knickers and funky socks!

    C xx


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