Feeling Dressy with Elvi.


Navy Wrap Dress: c/o Elvi. Shoes: Mel Shoes via Asos. Handcuff Long Necklace (worn as choker): Asos.

Well not only do I feel particularly dressy but also rather grown up in this dress something I rarely am in my day to day life. The lovely team at Elvi offered me the chance to review a piece from the range and I thought something classic would fit into my wardrobe rather well. Which it certainly this beautifully made wrap over dress certainly does! 

I decided to size up to a UK22 in this Elvi dress as with jersey pieces they often cling to my middle and if I get my usual size I tend to spend the whole time tugging at it so I don't feel quite so self conscious. But for this dress I really didn't have to as the fabric is thick so drapes beautifully without highlighting any less than confident areas. Though it doesn't look to big on me as you can easily tie it a little tighter on the side. This dress is a true wrap over not one where only the top ties and it's sewn in to the other seam which is something I'm not usually a massive fan of as I prefer to be able to tie and adjust fully. I decided to add a little fun with my Mel shoes jelly wedges which I utterly love and wish I had in more colours and my handcuff  long line necklace from Asos, I've been struggling with how to wear this necklace as it just never looked right but I decided to wear it in a choker style and I think it works much better! Over all I do like this look even though it's different to my usual style! What do you think?

You can see more of Elvi's newest arrivals here.
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  1. Very sophisticated!

    C xx

  2. This dress is lovely on you. That colour! I think I need one for work. Gorgeous!



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