Lovely Lace - Ninex Lingerie Review.


 This is something in the past I'd shy away from because I don't own anything pretty to sleep or flounce around in (I don't think moomin bottoms and boyband tee count?) but when the lovely team at Ninex Lingerie contacted me to see if I'd like to review this adorable babydoll I just couldn't say no! I love anything with a pretty lace print and this is something else! I wish I could have gotten a nicer backdrop but this was the only place in the house I could find for now. 

It's wonderful to wear and really comfortable, I believe I sized up to a 22 (4xl) for this style and I'm glad I did as for nightwear I generally prefer it to skim over the body, which this does beautifully. As you can also see the bust and central lace panels are sheer so I popped on some minimal layers underneath, so there's no need to avert your eyes! Over all I utterly adore this piece and almost feel a little more grown up in this compared to my usual nightwear, so I decided to add some wave into my hair and a pretty flower and do a soft bronze smokey eye along with my usual red lip.

From shopping on the high street and taking a look online I know that pretty and well made (which with my sewing eye, I can see this is) is hard to come by and when you do finally hunt it down it can often cost a small fortune and particularly when you added plus sizes into the equation it is even more limited but this beautiful babydoll is only priced at £16.99 I couldn't quite believe how affordable everything on Ninex Lingerie is, I'm hoping I'll try a few more pieces in the future and I'm sure I'll be as impressed with them as I am with this lovely piece. :)

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  1. oi oi sexy, you look fab-u-lous! i normally wear cheapo primark pjs because nice lingerie can be so expensive! i always end up feeling a bit guilty that i'm subjecting my boyfriend to seeing me wearing things with my little pony & minnie mouse on haha. i'd never heard of ninex before but they have some really cute babydolls & i love that they have the same things in size 10 to 8XL xx

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  3. Ooohh! Gorgeous! I love a bit of sexy lingerie, especially a babydoll! And like you said, a bargain! I'm off to check them out! xx

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