Fat girl in a crop top AGAIN?!


Velvet crop top: River Island. Disco Pants: Simply Be. Heels: c/o Simply Be.

I'm trying to keep this short and sweet as I'm all sickly and gross and just want to curl into a ball under my duvet for the next 12 hours or so! In case you haven't realised I've had a slight love affair with crop tops in the last year. I do realise they are something as a plus size women people think I should stay away from but obviously I never listen to what people think I'm "supposed to wear". 

I actually originally saw this top on the lovely Bee from The Littlest Buzz who wore it with the matching skirt when I first briefly met her at the Gok event (p.s blog soon to come on that and I bought the matching skirt as well!) I simply adored the colours and of course that it's a velour material which is something I swoon over as soon as September hits us! I decided to be brave and pair it with my disco pants which I have a love/hate relationship with. I love how comfy and tight fitting they are but I always get paranoid over how they look above the crotch and haven't ever really found a top that matters them but for this I decided to hell with it and paired them with this crop.  

P.S I know you can see a visible belly line but it's part of me and who I am so I'm not deciding to embrace it a little more - STARTING NOW!

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  1. ♥♥♥♥ that top n you go girl embrace all of you cause you are working that top :)

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