New House.


Just so you know I'm still alive! I've been really quiet (for me) on the blog front in the last few weeks. Starting a new job (which I never want to leave) and moving into my new house for uni, which are all the pictures above and still being annoying ill and then my laptop dying and my photographer being insanely busy I've not had time to take pictures until this weekend or had a computer to work on! Some pictures have finally been taken but alas are on my brothers camera card and I have no clue where that is!

I've not finished moving into my house in Leicester yet me and mum just went across to pick up my keys and leave a few bits and pieces there! the dressing table sets and china were either pick up at vintage fairs or charity shops and the mirror which really needs cleaning was from B&M bargains of all places! The house itself is a brand new build so its never been lived in until now, meaning we don't have to put up with what past tenants have done to it! The picture of the pimp armchair is from our living room where there is also a matching sofa, they are being covered with blankets and throws as they just offend my eyes greatly and stick to you if your in bare legs, you've got to love a cheeky bit of pleather!

Anyway I should be getting off to work and I promise some reviews will be up as soon as possible! I've managed to take to outfit picture sets so hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow along with a few other bits and pieces.
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  1. it looks beautiful!
    glad you're still alive ;)
    Rosie xo

    1. looks lovely, hope you are settling in xx

  2. I love your room! That bedding is so gorgeous and the little vintage bits really make it! :D



  3. lovely house your look's great your uniform is fully fit on you and makes your more gorgeous....

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