Carmen by Elomi.


Underwear Set: c/o Elomi Lingerie. Messy Background: My bedroom wall! 

I've had a blog hiatus that went on much longer than I wanted it to meaning so many wonderful things I've had to blog about like this stunning Carmen set from Elomi have been waiting to be seen. I will try and film a video or write a post as to why I've been away for so long and not as active on here as I used to be! Please ignore the messy background I'm still trying to find the perfect place to take my underwear review photos and I have a feeling my bedroom probably isn't it. Anyway onto the pretty lingerie! 

The lovely girls at Elomi sent me this set to try out as they know I tend to shy away from an unpadded cup and lighter coloured bra sets and you know what I absolutely love it. Normally if it's a lower rise knicker I tend to veto them right away but these ones are adorable, do I feel a little self conscious with my tummy, maybe? But ultimately do I also feel pretty damn cute in the photos, hell yeah! I'm wearing a 40E here which on one boob has a little access fabric as I'm currently fluctuating between my usual 38DD and an E. I went up in the back size because I was also finding my back bands a little too tight at the moment. (my body isn't currently on it's best behaviour!) The bottoms I'm wearing in their equivalent to a UK20 and they genuinely fit like a dream, it's so often I find the matching bottoms to bras uncomfortable but with these amazingly it isn't the case. For classic comfort and fit Elomi are always the first brand I'll go to and recommend to women when they ask you genuinely cannot go wrong! 

I decided to put on ALL the eyeliner and set my hair in what I'm hoping is a cute pin curl kind of look. Of course I also had to slick on my usual red lipstick! Hopefully this post has managed to fix my blogger block and I'll be updating more again, once I've got all my scheduled posts live! 

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