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Converse: Kurt Geiger. Sunglasses: Prescription from Specspost.
 Ely Watch: c/o Wood watches by Jord.

Back when it was still really summer (which in the reality of things wasn't all that long ago!) the fabulous people from Jord Watches offered me the opportunity to review one of their pieces and however generally speaking I'm not normally a watch wearer when I saw this Ely watch in Red Sandalwood  it was love at first sight! These watches are so well made and not at all uncomfortable to wear, they don't catch and pull my baby hairs on my arms or cut in. I feel like a proper grown up with this on (which is a rarity for me!) 

I wore this a lot while on my family holiday in Suffolk and these photos were snapped on our last full day where we went to the beach and flew a kite and not any old kite but one that resembled an aeroplane to the huge excitement of the toddler sitting nearby us, lets just ignore that I'm 22 and my brother is 25.... I'm hoping to include this in more outfit shots in the winter months as I think it will look simply stunning against a knitted jumper sleeve and layered with some of my vintage bangles, which I only tend to wear in the winter as wearing lots of jewellery annoys me when it's hot! Also there is now full outfit shot as it was so windy that on any of them I'm pulling really weird facial expressions. Some would say they're excitement but to be honest I just think I look a little crazy! 
I've found that this Jord Watch really compliments the vintage aesthetic I like to go for in day to day life as it's still looks classic but with a modern edge. 

These are not only for women but they also have the most stunning Wooden Watches Men

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1 comment

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