Retro Twist - Bandelettes Review.


Bandelettes: c/o Mish Online. Dress: Alice & You at Asos. Hair Accessory: Diablo Jo's from Claireabella's Closet.

So I may be having a Marilyn Monroe moment here on purpose but it was needed! I know that the dreaded "chub rub" is something that so many women battle with whenever they choose to wear a skirt or dress without tights I know I do and I've tried some anti chafe sticks, not very glamorous let me tell you that now! And my usual choice for under anything would be my comfort shorts or a pair of cut off leggings which certainly does the job but they aren't really pretty and when I'm dressing up properly it does make it feel ever so slightly less, well dressy when I pull them on! 

So when Mish Online offered me the chance to try out a pair of Bandelettes I couldn't resist. I'd heard about these bands of lace with non slip silicone strips on the inside to battle the 'chub rub' but I have to admit I'd never tried these before because I was pretty sceptical as to whether they'd actually work but I'm happy to say they really do! Now I've not worn them for a full day where I've been walking for miles but I've worn them when I've been out for drinks etc and I didn't find any issue with them rolling down at all as this is something I was worried they may do. My only issue is that I may have measured my thighs wrong as on the edge nearest my knee they are a little loose and aren't tight to my leg there, however it hasn't seemed to compromise their performance and it's my own fault for my dodgy measuring skills! One of the things I love the most about these Bandelettes is that they look like the top of hold ups and I don't mind if my vintage dresses flip up and you see some of the lace as it looks so retro and cute!

You can find all the different styles of Bandelettes here!  

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  1. I love the look! You look stunning!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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