Glazed and Confused.


 Glazed and Confused Necklace c/o Black Heart Creatives. (Sorry I look so tired!)

The fabulous Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives sent me this necklace A LONG TIME AGO. But due to a whole host of things I've only just gotten chance to put how much I love this down in writing on here. It's from the wonderfully named Live Fast Die Yum collection.When I've worn this out and about the sheer amount of compliments I get is so lovely because it's so unique and quirky. Some of my friends do find it quite funny as I'm gluten intolerant so don't actually eat donuts anymore but it doesn't mean I appreciate there beauty! 

I own two other pieces from Black Heart Creatives and I have to say the quality and customer service is second to none. I wear both on at least a weekly basis and okay sometimes they can surprise people or maybe even offend slightly, I know some plus size women may prefer not to wear a necklace which says Fat Bitch in black glittery letters but it's something I take great joy in parading around in along with my Chunky yet Funky number which I had custom made and utterly adore, I'll be featuring this in an outfit post shortly! I know when I'm looking for something personal or different for someone Black Heart Creatives is the first place I'll go, I have a few ideas I'm definitely going to get made into pieces as soon as I can. 

Black Heart Creatives are being so lovely by offering you lovely readers 25% off with  the code - rose25 until Tuesday 3rd of June! 
I know I've got my eye on some Fat Babe earrings and an array of goodies from the site.

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  1. I was seriously skeptic on purchasing an expensive dress online, however for the price I was left with no option. However the dress was spot on. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever saw.

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! I LOVE it!


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