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Slippers/Pjs/ Array of treats all c/o F&F and Tesco.

This lovely parcel was sent to me way back in January to help beat the blues but due to friends being busy and my life being a little mad we have only just had chance to sit down together and have a little girls night in at my friends uni home. 

We had a wail of as time, laughed until we were hysterical and ate chocolate like it was going out of fashion, obviously the perfect evening! We rebelled and saved the films I was sent for this coming weekend and decided to watch How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days (primarily because it's my dear friend Elly's fave film!) though we didn't watch it in too much detail as we were too busy having too much fun! Though we managed to pay attention just in time for the best line when she insists on blowing his nose for him! As I received only 2 pairs of pjs myself and Becca, the girl in the snap above wore them though I hadn't had chance to transfer the photos across yet! they were comfortable and a dream to sleep in! It's actually very rare for me to wear matching sets to bed, I'm normally in a One Direction t-shirt and moomin bottoms (something that probably wouldn't see the light of day on here!) 

As you can see the biggest hit was the chocolates which thankfully had clear labels so I knew which were gluten free and weren't, meaning I could actually eat some! These didn't last long because they were delicious! A huge thank you to F&F for popping all these treats across for me to share with my best friends, with two of us at uni and working and another working full time we don't always get a lot time for a good catch up and giggle so this was utterly wonderful!

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1 comment

  1. aaaw this looks like a right hoot, my ideal night xx


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