Within the tree's and whistling in the breeze you'll see her.


This is my wonderful and new blazer. of course i thifted it from a tiny charity shop most people just walk past, sometimes i feel like its invisible to everyone but me which i really love the idea of. But i know if i want to find something a little quirky that i will find it in this place. I think so far this is my most costly piece of my minuscule collection, but i feel it was worth every penny. It is a little small for me but who needs to button it up?
I had my dear, dear friend Emily take these photos for me. though out of about 50 photos these are the ones i liked the most. These photos were taken in Macclesfield west park, on the little castle and the trees surrounding it. I think the little place looks really adorable on pictures, but the setting isn't as pretty as it looks.
my outfit:
Black Long Sleeved Top - Dorothy Perkins.
Owl Necklace - 3 years old Dorothy Perkins.
Vintage Blazer - Thifted, Charity Shop.
Denim Look Leggings - Ethel Austins (before it closed down).
Bow Patent Dolly Shoes - Evans (in colour images they are a lovely red).

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