Thursday, 31 May 2012

Currently Coveting.

I am completely loving this Peplum Blouse from Matalan but unfortunately I tried it on in a size 20 and its pulls across my back and what's even more gutting is they don't go up to a 22. I know Matalan often go up to that size in a lot of the main size range and there plus size section it almost always pretty dowdy and not at all to my tastes! So it may be tight on me but I'm tempted to buy it anyway because you never know I might slim down (yeah right) and I just adore the cut and print so much it would be worth the shape wear!

I've been looking at Peplum style tops for awhile now but I never found one in a colour or print that I liked, Matalan also have some more jersey fabric ones in really cute prints but there just a little too pastel toned for me. The main reason being if I'm running around and its summer I'm likely to get a little hot and pale tops aren't good for this and second I'm the clumsiest person ever and it would stain easily. No seriously sometimes I just miss my mouth when I'm drinking, I'm actually worse than a toddler! I forgot to add that this top also has really cute buttons down the back as a functional detail, this is priced at £14 which I don't think is to shabby at all, I just wished it was a little looser fitting on me for was in a jersey fabric!

Tomorrow I'm off to Sheffield for a special event with Panache, I'm super excited as I'll be meeting some new bloggers! Though kind of worried because I hate changing trains and I'm having to change at a station I don't know at all!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

With a cool cool breeze and dirty knees.

Dress: Marks and Spencer. Shirt: Primark. Shoes: Evans. Leggings: Matalan. Sunglasses: Primark.

My brother took these pictures for me while we were walking around the grounds of Lyme Park on my birthday (I'll show you more of the lovely shots we got in future posts) as it was so warm I didn't really want to cover up in a cardigan so I threw this shirt over my new summer dress and I actually really love the outcome. If you haven't noticed by now I'm all for clashing prints even if the outcome isn't always that nice! I promise I'll show you the dress in all its glory as the summer goes on, I feel like it could become a good staple as I can dress it up or down and its a really good length so I could wear it without leggings.

At the moment I seem to have a bit of an obsession with knotting my tops under my bust and wearing dresses under them. It's an easy look that breaks up and outfit and I always knots them there the waist/across seam is on the dress so it works. I just feel that its a really relaxed look and also means you basically have two outfits in one! I can also see me carrying this on through out the summer and on into next season just as a way of wearing some of my dresses more!

I'm in desperate need of a haircut at the moment and it's pretty clear on these pictures! The silly thing is I can talk to complete strangers for ages, but I'm finding it almost impossible to call up my hairdressers and book an appointment. You can also see my ombre hair slightly still in the sun, I haven't done it again yet so its still going strong after four or so months but I really want it to be lighter next time. So for now I'm being good and waiting until I've had it cut to re-bleach it as I know my hairdresser wouldn't want me to kill my hair yet! I'm looking forward to getting a few reviews up in the next week or so and just getting plenty of outfit pictures done while its not raining!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Just a quick post to say IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY and I turned nineteen. I've had a pretty lovely day spending the majority with my family and going out for a meal. I spent the afternoon at Lyme Park (where some of pride and prejudice was filmed!) and I'll show you those pictures in a post as soon as. These shots were taken while sitting on the grass baking outside the amazing house! My brother took them for me and didn't like my overly cheesy grin well I love it! I'm afraid to say along with too much light exposure you can also tell my glasses are a bit wonky and don't fit my nose well but you can't complain for how much they cost! (50p in case you were wondering).

Anyway I just wanted to post to also say thank you to all the beautiful bloggers that have sent me messages and wished me a happy birthday so far today! So there is only thirty minutes of my birthday left and I'm going to enjoy them by watching Snog? Marry? Avoid? and swooning over some of my adorable gifts from my friends, which I'm sure you will also see in upcoming posts.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Different Careers in Fashion Design.

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One of the best sources of information and avenues for networking in the fashion design field is through social media, websites, and blogs. One of the best sources of information and avenues for networking in the fashion design field is through social media, websites, and blogs. Check out some blogs on various categories of fashion, such as women's fashion, and get some tips on fashion, educational avenues for pursuing a career in fashion, and network with professionals and aspiring fashion designers.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'll take you to another world.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Shirt: Simply Be. Bracelet: Early birthday present. Necklace: Primark.

Finally got you an outfit post, it's not the nicer backdrop I hoped for but it was killing me not properly posting for so long so here I am. Right now I'm going to do the overly British thing of mentioning the weather HOW WARM WAS IT TODAY now let me just say I am not a lover of heat so to be quite honest I was dying in it.

I watched something on Channel 4 this evening ( if you follow me on twitter I'm positive you'll know what it was) and I wasn't annoyed by the show itself but the tweets and facebook status's about the women on it, honestly I was so close to punching a few people! Basically it made me want to show off that I'm bigger and it's nothing that is hideous or vile, so I got my arms out, I know it may not seem like a big deal but I NEVER show them off fully like this and yes in some pictures I took they didn't look great but they don't look awful either!

The dress I bought last summer but was a little tight on my middle and now fits slightly better for some reason. I have a bit of a love affair with denim specially in forms of dresses and skirts. and this light weight denim is wonderful for warmer days, though mind you it does show a lot more cleavage than I'm used to! I adore this shirt and at the moment I'm just trying to find as many ways to wear it as possible and recently I've got into tying them under my bust with dresses if I'm not to keen on the top or want a little more coverage and over all I think I like the look. From these pictures you can really see that I'm in desperate need of a haircut hopefully I'm getting one at the end of this week before my birthday on Sunday (my 19th). I also need to redo my bleached ends but maybe go even lighter this time as its a little to subtle for my liking.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Elomi Launch.

Elomi Lingerie is now available in Debenhams stores! I took these pictures a week or so ago at the launch of them at the Manchester branch. It's brilliant that you can now be fitted and try these in store without the hassle of online ordering. The women who work in the section in Manchester are absolutely lovely and well worth travelling to if you really want to know what size you are. They were helpful without stalking you around the floor ans a pleasure to talk to.

You can also see that Elomi's model Alex was also bravely in a window for the day to model the range. I went outside to snap these briefly and some peoples reactions were brilliant! But like I said she was definitely brave I wouldn't have the balls to do it, she looked amazing in a deep turquoise set. My day was lovely I also got a full make over from Benefit which I have a few snaps of and will possibly eventually post up! On the floor next to Elomi Debenhams also sold Freya and a number of other brands I have heard of which also housed some truly beautiful lingerie. I don't want to ramble to much as this post is already pretty picture heavy but what I will say is I cannot wait to visit them again soon!

Monday, 14 May 2012

You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight.

I feel like its become a bit of a tradition on my blog that whenever Ed Sheeran has a new video out I tend to post it up and discuss how beautiful he is and well I'm definitely not one for breaking such traditions! I know there is a very strong meaning behind this whole song like with most of Ed's because he can't just write about anything he always puts his emotions into a song, which is probably why there so lovely. I think we all know I'm a massive fan girl over him so most people would think even if he was shocking I'd love it but in all honesty I feel the video is missing something, I still love it but it's not my all time favorite.

Though I will say some parts are done beautifully such as the shots of his face (mainly because its his face..) and fading people in and out of shot is a clever interpretation of time shifting. I don't have masses to say about this video as it is simple and there is not a thousand things going on at once in it but sometimes it' best not to over fuss anything and just to see and hear how it is? I hope that made sense anyway! I feel like this was all done in virtually one shot and that's another reason why I love Ed she doesn't make a big deal out of things.

And to finish on one final note just look at the boy!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Huit AW12.

These are just a few pictures from the event I attended a week or so ago in London, which was really lovely! I don't want to write loads and loads about it as I'm really late posting about this but all the collections were amazing and I'm seriously have a proper love of underwear and lingerie now when only a few months ago I didn't care what my underwear looked like but now I have a completely different view and I now know that you get.

I also think once you know your actual size it changes your outlook completely, my clothes look better on as well now too! Lets just say I love it and I do tend to feel more confident in the clothes I'm wearing if I have well fitting underwear on under it all! I'm definitely a freya convert especially there deco bra's AMAZING. Thanks to all the girls and bloggers at the event for being lovely to me and thanks to Curvy Wordy for the picture of me and Mhairi even though I look awful! If you have any questions about the ask me!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Galaxy Fox.

Dress (under tee): primark. Tee: topshop. Ring: primark men's.

I wasn't overly keen on these pictures but I thought I'd whack them up on the blog anyway as I adore this tee! I bought it in the Topshop sale at Christmas as I just love all there over sized tee's and they work on me as just loose styled normal tops so I don't really give a damn if there's not supposed to be for "me".

It's a dip dye effect around the whole bottom of the top and then the cute little fox is in a almost galaxy/milky way print. It's just so adorable and comfortable to wear I love how the sleeves are loose and easy to wear when its hot, I've also been known to layer a long sleeved top under it when it's cold. I wore this with a simple grey shirt dress from primark under because I'm sick of my denim skirt and I like the layered look. I also found this ring in primark for a pound, how awesome is that I've been looking for a moustache ring for ages but they've always been a bit pricey for me then comes along good old primark! I actually found this in the men's sections and I bought a large like I usually do with ring but its massive so I've wrapped masking tape around the back to stop it falling off. I only really bought it so I can put my hand to my face and find it overly amusing, which I do!

I really need to get my post up about last weeks underwear event, which was soo good may I add! I'm also going to another little thing tomorrow in Manchester which I'm looking forward to just hoping I'll bump into some bloggers I know and that I'm allowed to take pictures without much fuss! I have so many posts I want to do but I don't like posting more than one post a day, that's my little bit of O.C.D over it!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Shirt.

I thought I'd share with you something I've made for one of my subjects at uni, if you follow me on twitter you may of seen me moaning in great detail about this and worrying over my presentation of it but fear not I did it this morning and it went surprisingly well! My tutor had some good points on pieces I'd done wrong but realised so I understood what had happened. This was mainly a learning curve for future reference. So over all feel I did pretty well, my lovely model is my friend Sophie and she's roughly a size 8 and I think the shirt would probably fit up to a size 12 but the arm holes may be tight as they have run slightly small.

Like I said I just wanted to show you because even though last night I was worried it wasn't good enough I am pretty proud of it, just a shame I can't wear it myself! I know I sound like I'm tooting my own horn but how adorable is the collar, I've got quite a lot of binding and polka dot fabric left so I'm thinking of adding the collar detail to a few plain shirts of my own, what do you think of the idea? Or making them on the binding to wear as necklaces, cute idea or not?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Select Specs.

This is a very related review of some glasses I got sent to review by the lovely Select Specs. A few other bloggers have also had glasses or sunglasses from them but I'm unsure how many got there prescriptions but in, anyway I was one of the ones that did! So yes these are for me to see not just to cool which they obviously do! They arrived in a hard plastic case which I wasn't expecting as they were such a reasonable price, I actually really like the frames there a matte almost rubbery feeling plastic and comfortable to wear. They make a lovely change to my other glasses which sometimes I'm worried will possibly break to easily.

These glasses have already survived a sweaty gig which involved being pushed around as well as crazy jumping and dancing and a long trip to London involving running around like a mad women so over all I'm very impressed! They didn't even steam up like my others do, which made me love them even more! The only downside is the delivery isn't particularly swift but I can let that slide for how much I genuinely like these frames.

I decided to match my lashes to my frames with a bit of blue mascara it probably looks a bit odd but I kind of like it? Maybe I should go for a more understated look in future...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Rizzle Kicks.

I just thought I'd show you what I got up to on Friday night, which was of course see Rizzle Kicks at the O2 Academy in Leicester. It was all very last minute as in we got the tickets 5 minutes before we left for the gig and missed the support acts but its was so much fun anyway! I have to say I may be a little bit in love with these lovely boys now, I actually saw them (to look at not perform) the day before while I was wandering around London with my friend after the event I attended, which I will be doing a post about very soon! Jordan and Harley were shooting something for someone (can you tell how clued up I am?) at Piccadilly Circus so I casually stood in the background of the shot fangirling badly.

Anyway I basically wanted to say how good they were live and how hilarious they actually are, there dancing is utterly epic and there was so much energy on stage they clearly have a great time with there band and performing. I've also never seen a whole room dance quite as much as we all did when they started doing "doin the hump" lets just say I did have a little wiggle around to the music, how could I not it was so addictive once everyone started! So all in all such a good night!

Does anyone else find things ten times more exciting when there really spur of the moment, because I do!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Top: Pop Boutique, Manchester (from the men's section). Trousers: Primark.

This feels like it's taken me days to actually write and post up, everything is just been getting on top of me and late nights and early mornings are seriously taking there toll! But finally here are one of my new pairs of trousers in all there glory so to speak. I just adore the print which originally drew me to them, well that and the elastic waist I seriously hate zips in trousers I find them so uncomfortable and just never fit me! These are in a soft light cotton fabric so they'll be great for summer, I'm just thinking of making them ankle grazers at the moment because I'm a dwarf and there to long.

I was originally thinking maybe these would look better with a long line top over them as crotches on trousers always look weird on me but when I bought them with Sophie she said they looked good high waisted so maybe I can just do both? Though I think I need some shape wear under them as you can see my tummy a bit! I styled these with a vintage inspired knitted shirt from Pop Boutique in the northern quarter, I love going there and may of mentioned them in posts over the last year or so. I tend to have more luck in the men's section than women's, not that I care as long as I feel good in the clothes anyway. I just finished it with a light sweep of red lipstick.

Yesterday I was in London for an event and had to catch the coach at 7.30 in the morning and got home at 8pm and today I had a hand in between 10 and 11... and woke up at 10ish to Sophie banging on my bedroom door and thank god she did! So even though today I should be finishing off my shirt ready for my fit session next Wednesday I'm sitting in bed feeling like I'm doing everything half asleep!