Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'll take you to another world.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Shirt: Simply Be. Bracelet: Early birthday present. Necklace: Primark.

Finally got you an outfit post, it's not the nicer backdrop I hoped for but it was killing me not properly posting for so long so here I am. Right now I'm going to do the overly British thing of mentioning the weather HOW WARM WAS IT TODAY now let me just say I am not a lover of heat so to be quite honest I was dying in it.

I watched something on Channel 4 this evening ( if you follow me on twitter I'm positive you'll know what it was) and I wasn't annoyed by the show itself but the tweets and facebook status's about the women on it, honestly I was so close to punching a few people! Basically it made me want to show off that I'm bigger and it's nothing that is hideous or vile, so I got my arms out, I know it may not seem like a big deal but I NEVER show them off fully like this and yes in some pictures I took they didn't look great but they don't look awful either!

The dress I bought last summer but was a little tight on my middle and now fits slightly better for some reason. I have a bit of a love affair with denim specially in forms of dresses and skirts. and this light weight denim is wonderful for warmer days, though mind you it does show a lot more cleavage than I'm used to! I adore this shirt and at the moment I'm just trying to find as many ways to wear it as possible and recently I've got into tying them under my bust with dresses if I'm not to keen on the top or want a little more coverage and over all I think I like the look. From these pictures you can really see that I'm in desperate need of a haircut hopefully I'm getting one at the end of this week before my birthday on Sunday (my 19th). I also need to redo my bleached ends but maybe go even lighter this time as its a little to subtle for my liking.


  1. Love the dress - I've been tempted by a couple of denim dresses from Dorothy Perkins this summer, but I feel like they would be a squeeze around the middle. Anyway, this is a really adorable look!

  2. I purposefully didn't watch it because I thought I would be enraged by it.

    I'm glad I didn't see any social media issues with it either.

    However, you look lush here my lovely, I love the different ways of wearing the shirt / dress combo!

    K xx

  3. Love that shape dress on you, looks lovely and it perfect for the weather. I got a good groupon deal for a haircut, £20 for cut and blowdry which saved me £20 x

  4. love this outfit!! Have to say I'm entirely jealous you've got *that* simply be shirt...I'm still talking myself into getting it!! You look gorgeous, lovely x

  5. I love that dress! I've had a similar one for two years now and I live the fact I can still whip it out in the summer and it still looks good! And yay for getting your arms out, I started getting my arms out about 6 month ago after being sick of having to find cardigans I feel 10x better for it.

  6. They dress looks amazing and it is a great fit! XX

  7. That dress looks lush on you, you minx!! xxx


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