The start of my collection.


These are two toile's out of my collection, when I am finally finished I will have created four garments which believe me is quite crazy! In case you don't know what toile means (which I'm guessing a number of you may not, because I've been a fashion student for over a year and I'm still baffled by it) A toile is in basic terms a mock up of the final piece, be it a skirt or a dress. I wrote a number of posts earlier this year about my final collection and telling you what my theme was and it was based on the women's land army and the 1940s era. All my pieces will have vintage style lace collars on them as pictured in the centre pictures. The market level for my collection is high street, but good quality and well made.

Over all I am quite happy with my toile's so far, though as I'm doing the finishing touches to these two now, the machines are driving me crazy by just deciding not to work and sew really badly.ARRGGHH! Okay my little rant is over now. I'm using binding on my sleeves and necklines to make sure the collection is pulled together with matches pieces, there is also exposed zips on both of these pieces which also ties together my collection with a modern twist. I used this because I felt I needed a modern edge to my collection so it didn't just seem like they are replica's of 1940s clothing.

The fabric I've used for my toile's is not my final choice of fabric and when I've finally put them all together I'll snap a few shots for you all to see what I've decided on! It's a mix of floral upholstery fabric, a vivid lilac colour and a white cotton with an extremely faint but lovely pattern of flowers across it. These with my tough exposed zips and vintage styled lace collars should produce a distinct but stylish contrast.

The skirt on these photographs will be produce in a fabric which is in a map pattern, if anybody knows where I can source this kind of fabric please let me know! otherwise I may have to create it myself and it won't then have the exact look I'm after. In case any of you lovely people were wondering where I got my collars from I found them on eBay, there is so many different type of lace collars on eBay ranging in era's and prices.

So what do you think of my collection so far? Would you buy any of it?
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  1. These are amazing, I love them! c: x

  2. Ooh, this is SO exciting. They're gorgeous and yes, I would totally buy! xx

  3. i love both of them! my favourite is the second one though, purely for the colours :)
    Rosie xo

  4. Love them babes! Well done, you are sooo clever xxxx

  5. oh wow, fab pieces! Love the second dress and I would wear the first one to a fancy doo xx


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