Friday, 6 May 2011

The orchard.

So these are just a few pictures I took after college today while I was wandering around my grans cottage and the orchard and field surrounding it. So this is basically my uniform for college I always tend to wear a skirt with a stripy top and leggings, just ask some of my friends! I think you have all possibly seen these pieces on the blog before, but I don't buy new clothes all the time in fact I've had this striped top (which was a dress but has shrunk with the amount of times its been washed) Since I was 12/13 and I wear it all the time it's perfect in the winter to layer up as well as summer when I want to keep a little cooler.

So my skirt is from Dorothy Perkins in the sale during Christmas and was possibly around about 3 pounds I also wore it in this post so you can check it out there also. These stripy dress which is now more suitable as a long t-shirt was from new look well over 5 years ago now I think? And I bought it for about 12 pounds, I have most definitely got my moneys worth out of this! The shoes are Evans and a couple of years old, I just added them for a splash of colour on my feet and to bring out the blues in the skirt, my leggings are matalan ones which I wear most of the time. And finally my sunglasses you have seen in a earlier post and they are ran ban style from primark and cost me the quite grand total of £1.

I'm keeping this post short and sweet, but just out of interest have any of my followers been invited to the Evans brunch next Thursday?


  1. I didn't get an invite but maybe I should gatecrash? haha.
    Love the stripes and florals together, I need to mix prints more x

  2. lovelovelove the prints,
    i mixed prints in my latest post too ^_^ xx

  3. lovely pictures! (and the outfit isn't too shabby either!) xoxo


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