My little adele inspired look.

Adele Look 1

This is my first published attempt at using polyvore, this was for a workshop we had at college today from a stylist called Jemma ( if your reading this blog Jemma no one told me your second name!) My brief for this was dressing Adele for Jools Holland, which was perfect for me and I feel I did pretty well. I have to admit its my dream to be a stylist and I think I'd be good at it, but this is probably not come true but I will definitely try and make it! I really enjoyed creating this look and speaking about it, I even had a little PowerPoint to go along with it which I put other designers and ideas on. After doing this I feel I truly WANT to be a stylist, so I'm thinking I'll go into retail buying and design but try myself as a freelance stylist. So any aspiring photographers or students want a free stylist, let me know.

Adele Look 1 by Rosie Posie Astbury featuring mary jane shoes

Cotton summer dress
$375 -

Debenhams opaque tight
6 GBP -

Mary jane shoes
$695 -

Rope earring
$18 -

Betsey Johnson silk scarve
$78 -

Lips in Satin
$16 -

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