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I know I'm such a bad blogger for only just catching up on some of the highlights of London Fashion Week, but better late than never right? I was lucky enough to get emails through with some great videos on so I didn't have to spend forever searching google and YouTube for video's with a range of designers on them. I have to say thank you to Sophie Phythian for contacting me with the video's because now I've found a number of new designers who will now forever be firm favourites. I'm just going to post up a few of my favourite videos from over the past 5 days and ones which have which have caught my eye in general. I'm hoping that I'll have the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week next year (even if its just to meet some new bloggers, or even take some street style photographs).

The whole reason I'm showing you this video is for Charles Anastase whom I've never heard of before but I think his collection is just beautiful and also seemed to be a favourite with the likes of Alexa Chung and Brit Smith Start. Due to the fact I've never heard of him I knew very little about this gentlemen, when you watch the video he talks about the collection and some fabrics he's sourced and he just seems really adorable (yes I know I'm probably supposed to like the collection more because of all the key pieces instead of how nice the designer seems). I did some research on Charles myself, well I say research...I actually just googled him! Did you know he didn't start thinking about being an artist/designer until he embarked upon his career as one in 2002. His captivating and poignant pencil drawings travelled the world in a series of successful exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Tokyo and Mexico and Charles' work has been published in Dazed and Confused.

Charles' signature silhouettes evoke a naivety but yet are executed with the precision of the tailors of Savile Row. Chic and conservative yet playful and I believe this is what his collection does portray with the little peter pan collars and jumpsuits. For his A/W collection 2011 Charles has stuck to heavy fabrics in damp English colours as well as touching the British heritage trend by using a beautiful powder pink fabric from Alexanders of Scotland but with his thrown in with these vivid reds and oranges stops it from just looking an overly feminine colour. From his collection I can already see there will be a fair few high street copies but none will be quite as exquisite as Charles nor have the same artist flare which you can see I never piece as it gracefully trotted (due to those insanely high shoes) down the catwalk. If I haven't mentioned my favourites yet I'll mention them now, I always seem to gravitate towards peter pan collars and velvet so from the video you can already tell that its perfect for me.

There were two pieces with peter pan collars that really caught my eye. One being the burnt coloured jumpsuit and I think it was in velvet to which makes it even more beautiful and the jewel encrusted collared dress, which looked stunning on the dress without looking to "done".
The velvet dress with sheer sleeves is also a piece I can imagine will be copied by the high-street a number of times but none will be as heartbreakingly delicate. Overall I'm so glad I've found the beautiful creation that is Charles Anastase.
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