Afternoon tea.


I had a late lunch today with my mum in our town. At the world known "little coffee shop" well I say world known theres a possibility the odd European has been there. While I'm here I'll apologise for the rubbish quality of these photos using my flash just drained the picture of colour and definition so I had to do with slightly more fuzzy ones, mental note for myself need a decent camera in the next year or so. Also how lovely are the little salt and pepper shakers and the teacup really sweet vintage floral patterns on them.

Anyway I didn't just take these because I felt like it, there actually for a project I'm doing for Leeds College of Art its so I'll get an interview but this still doesn't mean a place. I have to look and document things that are round, triangular and square and then create something with these certain shapes. All pretty exciting as well as utterly stressful and just panicky. I hope you like my pictures I'll probably post up my triangular and square ones up soon but I'm trying to group them so there not just all random ( I put trying in bold because its not easy) . I've also got some more circular ones to come up too but I may pair them with some square images because they fit nicely together. I'll also get a few shots up of my mini project once it's all finished.

I'm going to try and get a outfit post up for tomorrow if not definitely Monday night, because I'm in college on my day off again on Monday to get all sorts of things started and finished.
Do any of my followers live in Leeds or go to the uni or college of art I'd love to know that its like so I'm prepared in case I'm at all lucky enough to even get a interview.
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