Friday, 26 November 2010

Precious kisses words that burn me.

Afternoon. I apologise for the lack of posts this week, I've been away with my college on a trip to Antwerp ( I'm guessing right now a few of you may be looking puzzled because you have no clue where Antwerp is, don't worry I didn't really either) in Belgium. There will be lots of posts up in the coming weeks from my trip because somehow I managed to take about 215 photographs in 3 days. And right now I really want to admit something.... I am desperate to go Antwerp again but maybe on my own or drag a family member with me I just feel like i want to explore the place so much more! It may just be one city but there is such a hive of activity within its walls (not that it has walls, it's a figure of speech).

Now finally on to one of the outfits which i wore during my trip to Antwerp. This is what i put on for my first day and it being November it was bloody freezing! So the thick knitted tights were stuck on as well as my vintage scarf (which half way through the day ended up wrapped around my head "apparently" we had brought the English weather with us...) long sleeved striped top which came in handy because it almost like a dress so it kept the top of my legs warmer too. The cardigan and coat were a necessity a lot of my outfits were hidden by my coat during the trip just because it was always really chilly. Then finally i had to carry a sketchbook around and colours and pencils so a practical bag was a good thing!
On my trip me and my friends were informed about a shop where everything inside was 2 euros be it a bag, scarf or even leather jacket! So i bought 2 shirts (one is seriously AMAZING) and a grandad jumper. I could of bought SOOO much in the shop but i had to resist because i virtually had to sit on my suitcase to close it anyway! I also bought a gorgeous little box bag from a second hand bag shop which was like Aladdin's cave, you will be seeing that shortly in another post.
I hope you've all had a lovely week. Any of your lovely people found any bargains lately?


  1. I like how you kept everything else neutral so that the colour of your yellow scarf against the maroon of your tights are brought out. Antwerp sounds amazing so hope to see more of it in your future posts.


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