Monday, 1 November 2010

Me and My Cellulite...

This video was taken by a rather wonderful person in the crowd, who also has a wonderful camera as this video is actually very well done. Me and My Cellulite is one of Paloma faith's new songs from her second album (which she hasn't even finished yet, she just wanted to test some of the songs out on us first before she put them on the album) and i have to say that i flipping love this song! It may have to become my own personal theme tune.

I also thing that personally Paloma is showing a healthy and normal view for women today instead of the generic outputs female artists portray. In fact i may love Paloma more than i love Beth Ditto, so this is a big deal. Right now i am sitting at my desk listening to "my legs are week" and just thinking how can anyone not love her powerful, unique and inspirational voice and lyrics.

I will get some of the photo's i took up as soon as possible as well as the shots the professionals took so you can see HOW AMAZING her costumes were! I'm still gutted that when i met her (yes you heard right, i did!) i forgot to ask her who designed them, instead i just babbled something about blogging, ooh the embarrassment. Anyway i should get some work done...


  1. Just came across this post- I was there last night too. She's totally my idol now!!!!

    How did you get to meet her? We rushed out to get our train, but then we missed it anyway :(

    i think i love her even more than before if thats possible!

    yeah i waited out backstage with my best friend and we were lucky enough to meet and get photos with paloma and eliza they also both signed our tickets!
    im guessing you thought the gig was really good aswell? :P


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