Anna Scholz for Simply Be Event!

 Me and Lauren Pocket Rocket in the most amazing bomber jackets (now on my wish list!)

  Keeping it classy as always, as you can see!

 Anna Scholz her team and Some of the Simply Be girls!

Me and my new best friend Anna's dog Frida. She was utterly adorable. (Photo from Apple Charlotte)

Back in Mid February on the single day it didn't rain while I was in London for a few days I attended the fabulous event at Anna Scholz HQ to see the latest pieces, play dress up and of course hang around with some of my favourite girls! I'm sure you've read about it this on lots of blogs by now but I'm being fashionably late(?) to the party with only just getting chance to write it up now. As always the Simply Be team were an utterly pleasure to be around as was Anna Scholz herself and the rest of her team. Particularly her pup Frida who I'm just a little bit smitten with!

The clothes are to die for and I surprisingly fell in love with a amxi dress something I'd probably never normally go near but the colour, pattern and trimmings are what pulled at my heart strings and it's certainly something I'm going to have to try on as soon as I can. I've also began a love affair with the bomber jacket of dreams, which is purely an Anna Scholz piece I believe and not one in conjunction with Simply Be? It felt amazing on, fitted perfectly (I tried a sample 18 not thinking I'd get it zipped up but it was utterly divine) and the embroidery OH THE EMBROIDERY! At this point I'm sure it's pretty clear that I'm a fashion design student as it was so colour and perfect and just needs to be mine really!

And lastly it's the lingerie that did it for me! If they'd had my size on the rail I may have had to have slipped into something more comfortably and given it a whirl, the vibrant and decadent colours are just stunning in person and the fabrics feel lovely to the touch and as I'm sure you'll know some underwear is wonderful to look at until you see what type of fabric it is.You can take a look at all the fabulous lingerie, Anna Scholz for Simply Be has to offer by clicked on this link.

Massive thank you to Simply Be and Anna Scholz for doing this event and to all the blogger ladies I hung out with while I was there and to the girls who got me on the correct transport back to my Hotel!
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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time and frida is a cutie! Those bomber jackets are well fit!!! Xx

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! It's so nice to find plus-size clothes that are actually pretty!



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