Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dreams Romance and Excess.

Playsuit: c/o Simply Be. Necklace Topshop. Lipstick: Brighton Rock by Topshop. Tights: Boots.

I've had this utterly amazing playsuit from Simply Be for quite some time now. I was originally sent this to wear to get my photograph taken for an article (Something I'm hoping will go ahead and I will be able to tell you about) but unfortunately dates got moved and this didn't arrive in time. However it's so amazing that I just had to show you all! I snapped these with my new camera which I am still getting the hang of so place bare with me if anything is a little out of focus or off centre.

Now this playsuit is to die for and it's true to size, I'm wearing a UK size 20 here. Due to my lack of height the waists on more fitted playsuits can often just be way off but this is almost perfect which is fabulous for me standing at 5'2. I adore the lace over lay on the long sleeve and just the over all love the romance of the flowers and tones throughout. There is one thing slightly less romantic about this though, it's almost impossible to get on by yourself, in fact in these pictures I don't have it zipped all the way but when I have it is a lovely fit. I have to stick a safety pin at the neck for these. I was home alone when I shot them so had no one to help me! I kept accessorising to a minimum with my beloved heart necklace from Topshop which is a current favourite and being worn in rotation with a few other pieces. I also thought I'd shake up my usual red lip for some colour popping pink hue and I have to say I really like it, just need to feel brave enough to wear it out!

It was insanely windy when I shot these so I couldn't not include a picture where my hairs blowing everywhere, and this was the nicest out of a selection similar! What I think is really important in photographs to me is that I'm having fun, though of course when I've got my Chronic Bitchface on you just never know! And yes I'm still all over The View lyrics after seeing them again a few weeks back with one of my favourite girls Elly, who's currently stuck at home ill, so if you're reading this I hope you feel better and I'll make you some broth(?!)


  1. Wahhhh I ordered this, and it was so short in the body I nearly split my difference trying to wear it!!! Looks amazing on you though x

  2. I like the lace detail on the sleeves of the playsuit =cute!

  3. That play suit is banging babes! You look cuteeeeeeeeeee xxxx

  4. I love this so girly and cuties - you look wonderful babes .
    Right off to see if its still in stock.

  5. Oh my god these colours! This looks awesome on you, and goes really nicely with your hair! Does that even make sense? haha x


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