Twinwood - Part Three

Skirt, Cardigan and Pearls: c/o Collectif. Pumps: Simply Be. Bag: c/o Zatchels.

Hair flower: Primark. Sunnies: Red or Dead. Hair Bow:  c/o Punk up Bettie. Pearls: c/o Collectif.

 On the left is of the cutest couples I saw and the right is equally adorable son and mother! (What a babe!)

I'm finally at my last post about Twinwood 2013 (I think!) these photo's were mostly taken on the Monday our last day and thankfully it was a gloriously sunny one! With lots of lovely people coming to say hello and I even got chance to sneak away for 15 minutes or so to do the speedy bit of shopping and get some snaps of different area's at the event. I'm sure you'll get to see all the bits I bought eventually on here!

As I've mentioned previously Collectif were fabulous enough to supply my work with a few bits and bobs to wear for uniform when we were at our stand and bopping around during the day. We all got a few options each though unfortunately the adorable Capri pants I got sent were just so tight. I received everything in a size 22 as I know when it comes to repro I often have to size up! My pencil skirt fitted like a glove but as I'm still a little less than confident in such a piece (one day I will be) my firm favourite was the black circle skirt. It was the perfect length and just my cup of tea of course after a few hours wear it was slipping down so I did eventually borrow my editors one. We also all got sent a cardigan as well which I utterly love and is in a colour I'd never normally choose but loved wearing. The pearls has also hardly left my presence since either!

I decided to be sensible with my footwear and stick to these pretty floral pumps from the Simply Be sale and matching my socks to my cardigan too. As you can see by Monday my hair was massive and a little out of control but I decided to embrace this by just smoothing the outside of my hair and throwing on a large flower I'd otherwise be to worried to wear out and about in my hometown. One of the girls I'm lucky enough to work with actually mentioned how much I suited the more pin up girl look and of course this was such a lovely compliment I think I MAY agree with her?

After this huge ramble I'd just like to thank the whole team I work with at Vintage Life Magazine for making it such a great weekend and cheers to my lovely editor for letting me get so involved!

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  1. LOve your skirt outfit - what a shame about the capri trousers, though. Looks like a lovely event!

  2. I've loved reading these posts! Looks like you had a fab time :) Really love this outfit, the cardi is a really nice colour! xx


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