Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Red Lips, Pale Face.

Dress: Matalan. Belt: Asos Curve. Scarf: Vintage. Glasses: Gok Wan. Hair: Thanks to SGR

Not and overly exciting outfit but cute all the same. The dress is new from Matalan, I love it dearly if only it was a little shorter I'm thinking about buying a few and taking them up because I wear t-shirt dresses like this ALL THE TIME. Yes I am one of those people who buys copies of the same thing if I really love it. The belt is now becoming the favourite out of the ones I own which isn't many (I need more!) it adds a modern and rocky edge to any outfit, which I love. I just used it to tie the vintage elements and basic pieces together to make a lovely look you could wear out for drinks or just whenever you wanted to!

My now almost statement red lip made it instantly look more polished, it also worked beautifully with my amazing hair. I'll post the pictures up I took (badly) while the lovely lady Sarah did it, I want it to be a full post because I loved it so much! I wasn't sure this hairstyle was very "me" when I got home but it's growing on me the more I look at it.

You can also see a little of the clutter from my bedroom here at uni behind me, I'll be sad to see it go after Christmas, which is a long (and emotional on my part) story. I said months ago I'd do a little post about my room and I promise I will as soon as I can, read: as soon as I hide all the mess under my bed.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Currently Coveting.

JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top

I saw this beautiful peplum top thanks to Lauren of Pocket Rocket! In fact she has actually bought this herself so lets all hope we'll see it up on her blog soon! For me this is the perfect length for a top it hides the crotch and your bum meaning you can wear leggings as trousers also due to me having short legs as I've probably mentioned before trousers can look a little odd on me (meaning sometimes it looks like I have camel toe when I definitely do not!) This top also just sits beautifully on the body and I just really wish I could own this one day, though due to the lack of a job etc, etc I probably never will unless the lovely brand ever have a massive sale... 

Lately I've not been my best and I haven't posted as frequently as I wished to. But a lot of things are making my life a bit of a struggle lately if you follow me on twitter you may of seen me being miserable. Once I actually know whats wrong with me I'll probably end up writing a horribly personal post on here so you all know, that way everything will be out in the open and a weight will possibly be lifted from me so to speak.
Hopefully I'll be back on form sooner rather than later.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Simply Lovely.

                                Dress: c/o Simply Be. Belt: Asos Curve. Leggings: Matalan.

The lovely ladies at Simply Be were nice enough to let me choose one of my favourite dresses from the selection of beautiful party wear on the site and it's utterly lush! I have to admit when it comes to dresses especially Christmas dresses I'm always that girl who goes straight to black ones for some reason I always do, I feel safe in black because if you're clumsy like me and spill "ribena" all down yourself after your third glass of it black is always safer! This dress has definitely brought me out of my party dress comfort zone I didn't know I had until recently. The colours on this are to die for and look even more beautiful in person, I reflected the deep burgundy colour of the flowers with my lip colour which is Rouge Volupte by YSL.

I also find the cut of this dress really flattering and more importantly comfortable, it doesn't dig into my arms or waist in anyway or cling to my main problem area which is primarily is my tummy. I'm really impressed that the waistline on the dress isn't to long for me either as I'm only 5'2 so I'm pretty short! I love the capped sleeve as it means I have a little coverage on my arms and don't need to ruin the silhouette of the dress by having a unfitted cardigan. You can also see the lovely detail of the cut out on the back of the dress which makes it a bit more different though don't worry it doesn't reveal bra straps or anything like that! I just finished it with my belt to pull the look all together I like the harder edge it gives to the floral dress too!

I think it's pretty obviously that I love this dress and I'm sure it'll get lots of wear over this christmas!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Decleor Treat.

A few weeks ago I attended the John Lewis Christmas press event in the Leicester Branch. It was so lovely to be asked, I met the decleor team and got an amazing hand massage while I was there. They were also nice enough to offer me a full facial treatment in there beautiful treatment room which is situated in a small corner of the beauty hall and once you walk in its completely serene and peaceful I took my mum with me on the day and she kept on dozing off in the darkened room!

My skin was looked at and they asked  me questions about my daily skincare routine (or lack of!) and they agreed that my skin was congested basically meaning I have a lot of blocked pores/spots/blackheads etc. Still very much teenage skin but also dehydrated and dry. the lovely lady (if your reading this I'm so sorry I can't remember your name!) talked me through everything she did and why as well as giving me the back story to products and the company without pressuring me into buying anything, which to be honest was such a nice change. The Products used on me were essential cleansing milk and toner, neroli - rose d'orient night balm, hydrofloral emulsion, hyrdofloral gel cream, balm for my lips. The mask she used was life radiance scrub and the heroxday mask? I'm sorry if they are all incorrectly spelt but I'm reading it off the sheet and the girls handwriting is so neat I can't make out half the words!

Afterwards my skin was glowing and extremely soft, though a few days later my pores became more congested again but I knew that would happen! The only downside was that once it was finished my fringe was oily from its being used on my skin and also sticking up all over the place from the hairband that was put on me, so I'd say always have bobby pins on you! Other than that I'd definitely recommend this to people as I felt so relaxed and pampered after ward!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Feeling Festive? Trendy Tops for Christmas Parties.

Now I'll be the first to say I always thought Bonmarche was somewhere I'd never find anything that would work for me but I'd have to say looking through the site tonight I've found these 3 tops that I really like! They are also at a very reasonable price compared to how much some retailers who charge for plus size ladies tops, All the items are available in sizes 12 through to 24.

The glitter tunic is something I know would be glitzy enough for a whole range of parties or occasions over the festive period! From work's Christmas do to a family meal this would look lovely for all. I'd wear with  either very thick tights or a pair of plain leggings so not to take focus away from the twinkling fabric and adorned cuffs. Second is another top I'd pair with leggings, I know that if you've been reading my blog for awhile that I basically live in the things! I'd also add a quirky belt and some cute heels and a clutch bag to finish this look it could also be dressed down with denim leggings and a cute satchel. Finally the adorable velour animal printed top, I love the colours and the print is interesting enough to catch the eye without be really OTT. I would wear this tucked into a pencil skirt or a pair of high waisted jeans and with either cute pumps, flatforms or wedges (I'm not a heel kind of girl!) This would look great for a casual night out or just to make everyday a little more interesting.

As always all of these lovely pieces would be finished off with a slick of red lipstick! Which top is your favourite and have you shopped in Bonmarche before?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Wellington Boots.

Leggings: Matalan. Duffle Coat: Dorothy Perkins. Wellington Boots: c/o Jileon Wellies.

Apologies for the slightly grumpy face in the bottom photograph! I snapped these quickly before travelling back to Uni on Sunday evening. So I also look a bit of a mess too, I've not been feeling well this past week with my stomach pains playing up and mentally but I won't go into it as I prefer to stay positive on here!

The main reason for this post is to show you my beautiful wellies I was sent by the lovely people at Jileon Wellies. These ones are the Wide Calf Wellies and of course are in an adorable floral pattern which will definitely brighten up the gloomy winter weather that has finally set in for the long haul! They have a section on both sides of each wellington boot with adjust to your calf size and mine aren't stretched at all so these would be perfect for any girls with wide calves! My pair are a size 6 which is my size in none wide fit but these would of fitted perfectly in a five as they are slightly to big but are fine with a nice thick pair of socks.

What would your favourite pattern be on a pair of Wellies?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Give Me Love.

I know you all know I'm a massive Ed Sheeran fan so it feels like a tradition to post every new singles video up on here where I'll babble about how beautiful it is and he is etcetera. But I only say these things because I mean it. This is the final single off his + album and of course it is utterly lovely, it's his lyrics I think that really get to me more than anything. I'm also glad to see that Ed isn't the main person in the video like he rarely is, I think it just makes me feel more about the song than his cute little face, though I'm happy to see that as much as humanly possible.

Now while watching this for the first time (I've now watched it 7 times in a row) it made me wonder about something which is where this tweet came from " can artists who have girls in there music videos have chunkier ladies please it'd be much appreciated. #cheers" WHY DO ALL THE GIRLS HAVE TO BE SO BONEY and ill looking I mean I know she's supposed to be a tortured soul and disturbed but could she not be a chubby one bigger girls are just like that to.  I'm sure SOME people would say it's not what everyone else is like or whatever but isn't the national dress size average a size 14/16 now? It would be nice to see someone who was amazing and beautiful and that size! Okay rant over now, but it really does annoy me I mean loads of young girls see these video's and think that the only way boys or well anyone will like them is if they look like this. I'm sure not all girls think like this but at the age of 12 I know I definitely did!

Right I think my rant is actually over now! anyway of course this video is beautifully captured and filmed without looking like its filmed on a beach in L.A ( I hate to love those kind of video's) and there is some lovely tea stirring from Ed so of course I'm happy! Also a really meaningful and just perfect song, also know it's one of Steph from Buttons, Bows and Brogues fave tunes to! So what do you think of this and my rant? Let me know!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Casual Partywear?

The lovely ladies at Matalan asked If I'd like to go a guest post on the Matalan blog about party wear and this is it! Now I'm really good at lusting over sparkly dresses in store and online but I just never feel comfortable when it comes to wearing them, if I'm going to be at a party all night I want to look good but also feel comfortable in what I'm wearing, there is nothing worse than the girl you see tugging at the hem of her dress all night to make sure her bum isn't on show believe me this has been me far to many times!

For this look I decided on something I know I'd be comfortable in which is of course leggings! These ones  are supposed to have a dip dye effect on them but its extremely subtle and is only slightly picked up on the camera. I think some glitzy patterned leggings would also look amazing with this look! I saw this top online and thought the way it drapes makes it very original without any over the top detailing keeping the front very minimal, now what I will say is it's very short I didn't realise it was a crop top until it arrived in the post so I just popped a dress slip underneath  so it would work for me. I felt a little plain one top so I popped this studded necklace on I got from Matalan in the sale a while ago.

NOW THIS BAG IS THE BAG OF DREAMS or actually this is what I called it when I saw it online. I always think a quirky bag can make an otherwise plain outfit something different. And this bag I LOVE IT, big enough to fit everything you could need in but still easy to hold as a clutch the colour also pops perfectly against a pretty black outfit making a lovely contrast, also how cute are the horses!?  Finally I finished with very dark lips which I'm really getting into at the moment and make a nice change from my normal red colour and rosey cheeks, I'm really getting into blushers and just bought a cream blush from MUA which I'm loving!

What do you wear for parties? Do you go all out with the sequins and glitter or keep it unstated with simple shades and quirky clutches?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Ed Sheeran...

If you've been reading my blog long enough you'll know that I have an undying love for Ed Sheeran. I saw him for the first time back in January and blogged about it here where I was lucky enough to actually meet him, this time round I wasn't so much... Though waiting for two hours in the freezing cold with bottles of adnams broadside as a present (so he'd obviously fall in love with me, duh?) was deffinitly an experience I'm not eager to repeat. Just in case you were wondering he didn't actually come out in the end anyway I'll shut up about the negatives.

As always it was one of the best gigs ever! I took my brother well I say take... I actually made him buy the tickets in the first place! It was his first time seeing Ed perform so I was just excited that he hadn't actually seen the band before me like he normally has. The support acts were also pretty decent though I preferred Passenger out of the two he was so funny and well just adorable, I'm planning to try and go to his solo tour in January! Unlike most gigs I often go to where they have you waiting for ages between each support and then for the main act We had Ed on stage being of course amazing within and hour and he did 2 full hours with all his + album as well as a few old tracks though in my opinion not enough I LOVE HIS OLD(ISH) MUSIC and I love when I see people with ed painted on there face not knowing the words because they only know the "popular" tacks. Yes I'm one of those fans who is remotely smug and awful over such things, I'm sorry I can't help it!

I'll say now what I've said before if you ever get the opportunity to see Ed Sheeran DO IT. You will never be disappointed (unless you wait in the rain and cold to try and meet him) and he truly puts his all into every show and is generally amazing live. I do realise I'm bias because I also have a pretty big crush on him!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Simply Be Opening, Manchester!

Another week has passed without be blogging! I am so sorry I'm just full of excuses at the moment but as recently everything is getting on top of me and I'm basically drowning - wow that sounded so emo! hahaa

Anyway I'm digressing here, Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the new store Launch for Simply Be flagship in the Arndale Centre in Manchester I also took my mum along (shes the tiny one next to Steph in the third picture!) to show her what being a plus size blogger can be like and to meet some of the friends I've made! It was an amazing evening with drinks nibbles and lots of nattering with a slash of Kym Marsh now Lomas in case you didn't know she's Michelle in Coronation Street but I primarily know her for being in one of my favourite bands when I was 8, yes I was a Hear'say fan and proud to say so! Her man Jamie was also there who has a really nice bum... just saying!

I also met some bloggers I've read and loved for a long time (such as Thrifty and Betty Bee!) and some relatively new ones I love all the same like Mel and Gem and Rach! I must add it was a pleasure to see my girl Steph again and meet her adorable flatmate! The store itself is really lovely but as I've visited a few other since the first store last year I'd have to say it feels a little on the small size compared to the store I shop in mostly (which is there Leicester one) which has a lovely spacious layout and is actually having a second floor added for a Jacamo to be added I won't lie I'm really excited! But all the same I managed to find more than enough things to try on and lust over. In the end I got myself (well my mum treated me to them) a pair of the amazing Disco Pants which I promise to try and blog for you soon!

Some Of these pictures were taken by me but also by Betty Bee's lovely and awesome fella as well as Simply Be's main photographer lady who is really lovely too!