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JIBRI Plus Size Peplum Top

I saw this beautiful peplum top thanks to Lauren of Pocket Rocket! In fact she has actually bought this herself so lets all hope we'll see it up on her blog soon! For me this is the perfect length for a top it hides the crotch and your bum meaning you can wear leggings as trousers also due to me having short legs as I've probably mentioned before trousers can look a little odd on me (meaning sometimes it looks like I have camel toe when I definitely do not!) This top also just sits beautifully on the body and I just really wish I could own this one day, though due to the lack of a job etc, etc I probably never will unless the lovely brand ever have a massive sale... 

Lately I've not been my best and I haven't posted as frequently as I wished to. But a lot of things are making my life a bit of a struggle lately if you follow me on twitter you may of seen me being miserable. Once I actually know whats wrong with me I'll probably end up writing a horribly personal post on here so you all know, that way everything will be out in the open and a weight will possibly be lifted from me so to speak.
Hopefully I'll be back on form sooner rather than later.

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