Monday, 16 April 2012


Here's my outfit from Through the Grapevine (or TTGV as my blog title suggests) along with a view photos that I took from the event itself. The night was pretty successful with plenty of people coming down to listen to decent music and have a drink we even eventually got a few people dancing around, though to start with I have a horrible feeling it was just me throwing shapes around! I'd had a few to many fizzy pops!

My outfit consists of a Primark T shirt dress which I've seen quite a few bloggers in and I'm in love, must buy another one! I can see me living in these all through summer, you've also seen me in the grey one. The shirt I'm wearing as a jacket was from the charity shop with a matching skirt for £2 but is a size 16 and to small but I feel I made it work and finally the necklace was from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.

The bottom pictures are of the two DJ's and runners of the night one of which is my brother and his friend (who is the girl in above photo's brother) and the image above this is me and one of my best friends. So yes it was over all a brilliant night! And I cannot wait for the next one in the summer!


  1. Your hair always looks banging, lady.


  2. Lovely dress and shirt, looks like a great night x

  3. Dress twins :) looks like a lovely night xx

  4. Looove that dress! Looks like such a good night

  5. You know, I'm really tempted to go to one of these! I'll probably feel really old, but I'd def be on the dance floor quick smart!

    K x


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