Sunday, 15 April 2012


These are just a few pictures off tumblr which have left me feeling inspired to play around with my wardrobe once again! I love the studded collar so much and I plan to get some off eBay and mess around with a few charity shop tops to see how it works and if they look good I'll show them on here then possibly sell them on eBay! I showed a denim dress with cat print pockets on my last inspiration post but I adore these shorts they are so cute, though my massive bum would probably distort the poor cats faces.

And finally I think its clear now that I'm a little obsessed with cute collars and jumper so when I saw the dinosaur necklace with the lace collar and bubblegum pink jumper I couldn't resist posting it! Yes it's a little geeky and definitely not to every one's taste but that also basically sums me up.

I'll hopefully have another post up tomorrow as I have some pictures from the music night I went to on Friday and what I wore though if you have me on twitter you've possibly seen a few snippets!


  1. I really can see why these inspire you...mainly because I could completely imagine you wearing them! In fact, your love of a good collar seems to be infectious....I'm getting seduced by them myself!

  2. I love the studded collar i've wanted to do it for ages but i'll wait till the 100 day challenge is over then i'll do it! x

  3. I am loving the studded collar! I think I may have to give it a go...

  4. Ooh, I WANT that dinosaur necklace! also those cat pockets are very cute, very do-able too. *plots*

  5. Love the necklace so funky!
    Have a super weekend


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