OneStopPlus and a little bit of Vintage.


Finally got the chance to get this beautiful jacket up in a post. The Lovely people at OneStopPlus sent me this jacket to review after I saw it at the press day in September. These pictures do not do it justice I'll have to get some more pictures taken of me wearing with my brothers fancy camera to so you can actually see the pattern.

Now as much as I love this jacket there are some negatives for one its pretty snug I ordered it in a size 20 and it just fits sometimes I size up in jackets but then there always to big on the front and just don't fit and I actually prefer the more fitted look and the button at the front does do up! Another thing that isn't really a negative but annoyed me was when I first got it I put it on with my much loved denim skirt wet downstairs to show my mum and she told me I looked like a farmer, which yes is hilarious but also annoying as then after that comment I was totally stumped on what to wear this with so I've settled with my much loved plain black jersey pussy bow dress which I bought in the Next sale when I did a few shifts there over the summer. I really love this dress but I have a feeling this is the first time its been on the blog when really I wear it whenever I go out! Its just so comfy and can be dressed up or down.

The scarf I bought two weeks ago when I went to a vintage fair not far from my hometown my mum took me as she knows how much I love them. I actually own A LOT of scarves but I liked the blues and the pattern so I thought why not add to the collection? I'll show you some of the other pieces I bought that day in a separate post over the Christmas break. I do apologise that I look a little messy in these outfit pictures my hair was a bit greasy so I just pulled it up and stuck some deep coloured lippy on to compliment the shade of the jacket and buttons (the detailing on this is actually beautiful!)

If your after a light jacket for autumn I'd recommend this as it can be layered up under a coat not so much with layers under neath as its quite tight. it also looks really cute with dark denim roll ups and cute socks. Its still on the site now as far as I'm aware and is a good price for the quality. Ooooh and did I mention its lined with the nicest colour blue silky fabric!

I just wanted to quickly tell you about a survey onestopplus were involved with a few weeks ago where it was to find out what people prefer to see and its definitely more curvy celebrities people wish to be or have the figure of, so its great to see that big is beautiful!
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  1. You look gorgeous in this jacket and dress, I have friends and family members who will often make a comment about something I am wearing and it puts me off for ages. xxx

  2. Gorgeous jacket....but I agree that sometimes it only takes one comment and then you get put off it! That being said, these days I just wear what I like, and if people make comments, I mainly ignore they know what fashion is, dahling!

  3. love the jacket:) How is uni treating you? Set square coming in handy ?

  4. you look great!

    I absolutely love that scarf and your red lipstick :)


  5. Really Funky, the colours in this scarf really set the outfit off - love a bit of Funky Vintage xx


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