Getting back to my natural colour.


Sorry these pictures are not brilliant quality I was using my web cam for them! They are also extremely unflattering and in future I need to wear a higher necked top far to much flesh on show in these! I decided ages ago that I wanted ombre hair but after years of hair dye build up and I do seriously mean years I probably haven't had my completely natural hair colour since I was about 13.

But basically because this post is so picture heavy I don't want to write a whole lot. I will say that I would definitely recommend the product which was Colour B4 by Scott Cornwall I used one box of the original (you can now also get extra strength) and my tips for making a half decent job of this are to section off your hair and do it a layer at a time I did this and thankfully it was all applied evenly, also after applying to all your hair in sections comb through it and add whats left in the bottle to the ends. And finally the hardest part for me was wrapping my hair in cling film, it works so well though there is no problem of hair dripping and the heat makes the product work better its the same with hair dye!

I have to point out though the smell of this product is really weird I read some reviews who said it smelt like rotten eggs but I thought it smelt of raw potato so who knows?! your hair also looks worrying brassy once its developed and if you follow me on twitter you may of seen my tweets of terror when I thought I'd ruined my hair, this actually disappears once you've completed it and dried your hair so its all good. This is the main review I looked at and I would say its very true to the word though I'm more than happy to not put anymore dye on my hair for the time being as mine did not come out quite as brassy. I bought mine from Superdrug for just over 8 pound which I think isn't to bad if I think about all the money I spent in the summer trying to cover up my red hair!
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  1. i can't even remember my natural hair colour!
    i've dyed it so often haha ^_^
    loving the new/old colour! :)
    Rosie xo

  2. I might have to try this....currently modelling a brown shade, but my hair is dark blonde so am starting to get very weird reverse roots!

  3. I admire your guts for being so down-to-honest with your blogging.
    Love your cute style and your hair is awesome, I'm slowly getting mine back to being that healthy looking!!

    Well done getting back to the natural colour, I have finally achieved mine (but by years of untouched, brutal patience growing it out!!) and isn't it great, just going back to the good ol colour, it makes you gorgeous!



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