A Vacation in Sicily.

Sicily is an island located in the southern part of Italy known to be a Mediterranean gem. Despite the branding it has received due to its controversial past, the region maintains itself as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the area. This multi-cultural place offers a mixture of Greek, Roman, Spanish and Arab influences, making it diverse, unique and simply amazing. There is so much to explore in Sicily – archaeological ruins, historical information, tasty cuisine, endless beaches and breath-taking landscapes.

It might be a part of Italy but it is a unique place worth spending a vacation. Sicily has so much to offer in every direction. Every town, every coast, every countryside has a story to tell, ensuring anybody a holiday to remember. In fact, many people visit its shores all-year round, making it packed with holiday-goers during peak season. However, if you want to have the best time exploring and experiencing authentic Sicilian culture, it is best to consult companies such as WishSicily for well-appointed and furnished houses or villas to rent in Sicily. 

There are a lot of different kinds of places to see in Sicily, a lot. Below are some of the top places worth visiting for an educationally exciting vacation.

1. Palermo
Being the capital of the region, Palermo is a bustling city of color and life. From morning till night, there is always some activity to tickle the senses. The place is full of historical and archaeological sites such as Baroque churches and buildings. As you go around the city, passing through beautiful piazzas and tight alleys, you will get to appreciate the hustle and bustle that makes the city. Visit the open-air markets of La Vucciria and Baccaro, for example. There is a huge variety of goods but don’t bypass the foods that are sold there. In addition, don’t miss visiting some of the many museums such as the Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonio Salinas to see one of the most interesting exhibits of Greek and Punic art in Italy. If you are into food and wine, there are plenty of cooking classes and wine tasting tours as well. You can learn how to prepare some of the favorite Sicilian dishes and learn which wine goes well with each dish.

2. Taormina
One of the most picturesque and therefore, most-visited towns in Sicily, Taormina is definitely a place worth a stop. With a dreamy climate and perfect position, it offers an amazing itinerary for a true Sicilian vacation. This hilltop town is world-famous for its well-preserved Greek- Roman Theatre that is also a beautiful vantage point to take appreciate the scenery of the Ionian Sea and Mt. Etna.

It is a city infused with poetic beauty as can be witnessed in the lovely gardens, squares and streets. Not far away, visitors can for for evening walks near the beaches of Giardini Naxos or Isola Bella. The luxury, the romantic atmosphere and the refinement that can be found here makes it all worth it.

3. Agrigento You can’t leave Sicily without visiting the Valley of the Temples located in Agrigento. This ancient Greek colony that used to be part of the Magna Graecia offers a fascinating peek into the once powerful and luxurious lifestyle of ancient people. The Valley of the Temples is known to be one of the most amazing examples of art, architecture and influences from the ancient Greek era.

After exploring the area of the Valley of the Temples, make a side trip to the Scala dei Turchi for a less-crowded beach experience. You can sunbathe, swim or climb the rocks. The white rocky cliffs make an amazing background for shooting photographs to capture moments of your Sicilian adventure.

4. Aeolian Islands
Not so far from the main island is a group of islands known as the Aeolian Islands. A ferry ride or a boat ride will allow you to go island-hopping across the different spots to experience the beauty each has to offer. This volcanic archipelago allows you to go fishing, scuba diving, beach hopping, swimming or soaking in thermal baths. You can climb Stromboli, catch a spectacular sunset or watch the “Sciarra del Fuoco” – lava flowing from Stromboli into the sea.

5. Mt. Etna
For those who love adventure, climbing Mt. Etna is a must. There are many companies that organize hikes up to the summit. Only licensed professional guides are allowed to accompany visitors to the top. The scenery from the top is simply breath-taking, one worth seeing, indeed. During winter, some snow activities are also possible. On the other hand, Mt. Etna is a place where some of the best wines of the region are produced. There are many wine tours organized in the area, accompanied with cooking classes or wine-tasting. It would be a satisfying experience to learn about Sicily’s sacred mountain and produce that come from there.

Sicily is a place worth visiting from January to December. It is a perfect place that can provide activities that cater to visitors during the different seasons. Whether it’s swimming in crystal-clear waters, climbing a volcano, or enjoying the food, Sicily is always open to those who have the interest to visit its shores.
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