Thursday, 12 February 2015

Curvissa Blogger Challenge.

Clutch Bag: c/o Curvissa. Top: Pink Clove via Asos Curve. Boots: Evans (old). Jeans: Asos Curve. Necklace: cheap jewellery shop on Albert Dock, Liverpool.

It's time for a little blogger challenge with 4 other bloggers, Courtesy of Curvissa with this sweet little Ostrich Textured Clutch Bag.
I decided to style this up with something I generally massively shy away from and that is the humble jean/trouser. I just find it so difficult to find ones that fit me with without being to big on the bum but too small on the waist or just fall down constantly! So far this pair from Asos Curve (supposed to be ankle grazers but who am I kidding at 5'2 they're full length on me!) are doing okay, high waisted so they control my tummy in a little but not tight so the button digs in. In hindsight I think I would have preferred this beautiful drop with a plain circle skirt to make it a little more dressy and girly. I thought the clutch bag worked really well with this top as it brings out the Burgundy colour in the back ground of the floral print. I simply adore anything off the shoulder and this top will be perfect for the summer too, I sized up to a 22 in this so it would be looser and a little longer. what surprised me is that under the long frill it's actually off the shoulder sleeves! 

I finished the look with this fabulous necklace I picked up at the weekend from a tacky and I mean that in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE jewellery shop which is in Albert Dock in Liverpool. They have so much bling and it's all covered in sparkles and big plastic jewels, I love it! I decided to pop my hair up (another rarity for me as I feel it can make my face look ever bigger) a size swept fringe and lashing of red lipstick and eyeliner to define my eyes.

Don't forget to take a look the 4 other lovelies posts to see how they styled the clutch bag!


  1. That top is beautiful, you're such a babe <3

  2. I'm with Becky ha! :) Seriously though the way you've matched the clutch with your top looks freaking awesome! Your necklace just POPS out of the screen too! Love this look xx

  3. so nice photos and Your outfit make shining Your gorgeous Beauty...cheers!

  4. Love this outfit and your blog! Your definitely make me want to post more fashion post onto my blog! I always enjoys yours so much!!

  5. LOVE that floral print! Looking fab x


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