Find Your Perfect Shapewear with M&S.


Last week I was lucky enough to be contacted by a lovely lady from Marks and Spencer's to see if I'd like to try out there new Shapewear tool on the website, then test out the piece of shapewear it chose for me. So of course I said I'd love to! This was easy to use and explained every part so I actually knew what would work for me, it also takes your preferences into account, as I always prefer black shapewear as apposed to white or flesh coloured. You can see all my selections as I went along the six steps above, I was originally a little dubious to try this as I wasn't sure whether it would just come up with the same thing for everyone but I got my mum to try it out too so I can promise you it doesn't!

Now I have to be honest I've tried the odd bit of Shapewear in the past and never found it really did anything to enhance/encase my figure, it generally just made it harder to nip to the loo when I was in them! So I was looking forward to see what my options would be at the end and I chose the "Ultimate Magic Secret Slimming High Waisted Thigh Slimmer" primarily because it looked high sitting than the Waist Cincher, it does the same job as the Waist Cincher but is also aimed at smoothing my thighs as well.

This is part one of  "Find Your Perfect Shapewear with M&S" the next will be me in the Shapewear showing you whether it genuinely works and whether its a good match for my shape!

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  1. this is an interesting tool, i've tried the odd bit of shapeware but it's never been right, will be interesting to see the results post x

  2. I've only ever tried spanx before but this tool seems perfect if you're not sure which one is right for you!!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  3. Looking forward to the results! I might give it a go, the shapers I've tried always seem to roll down or cut in...

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  5. Shape ware makes it near on impossible to do a wee if you've had a few! I love the look at the beginning on the night but have no commitment for the rest of the evening. I'd love to hear how this goes for you!


  6. Great review, hope you found the ones that suited you! I always pick up m&s shape wear as it doesn't cut in or roll as other shape wear does. So this finder is brilliant. xx

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