Is everything a fairytale?


These photographs are from my friend Sophie's 18th birthday party from Saturday night and as you can see it was fancy dress! The theme was fantasy/fairytale so I went as a forest/flower fairy one of my best friends Marcia (in the picture with me second from the top) was a punk fairy and the beautiful boy in white is one of my oldest friends Joe and he was an angel, literally.
I truly loved this costume all he bought for it was the wings, which you can just about see from the picture of us both together! I put the full length photo of him up because I wanted to show you guys his shoes, there patent white, and yes he really did own these though Joe still won't tell me where he got them from because then apparently everyone will want to steal his style! It was such a fun night and I forgot how much I missed my high school friends, in fact I'm seeing them all again on Friday as were camping in my friends wood I'll let you know if I survive the night.

So I'll just tell you what I was wearing, all I really bought fr my costume were the wings though i did buy some white tights but then ended up wearing my own pair anyway! The dress is from Dorothy Perkins and has been featured on my blog before. Well I saw dress it is actually a little to short for that but with tights and girl boxers over I really didn't care, I was also a little merry so nothing really bothered me. The tights are also Dorothy Perkins and are some of my favourites though there getting a little to warm for the recent weather we've had in Cheshire, they also get dirty very quickly. And finally my shoes are from peacocks and the next day my feet were in so much pain because I'd also worn them to walk around Manchester that same day.

The top image is just a little close up of my make up and hair. I used a varied mix of green eye shadows and pencils to create the look, which I actually really love and may wear when I'm not dressed as a fairy (minus the gold swirls and twig patterns on the sides of my face) I then just used a pink lipstick to add a bit of colour to my face. I kept my hair simple by having it straight and pinning the sides up so my headpiece fitted better and didn't fall off when I started dancing horrifically, which I did a lot of. I've worn my hair out like this a few times since Saturday and you will be seeing it a lot more on the blog.

I hope everyone's been having a good Easter! is anyone else looking forward to the royal wedding as much as I am?
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  1. i am SO looking forward to the royal wedding, we're gnna have a bbq and eat union jack cake that im making tomorrow ^_^
    such pretty photos! especially the first one :D
    Rosie xo

  2. Cute Fairy Costum!!! Did you make that hair-flower-thing yourself? Thats cute!
    And ehm YES! I'm so looking forward to the royal wedding. Unfortunatly I will be working the whole day and wont really get a chance to watch. Have to watch it afterwards than.. :/

  3. yes i did make the hair flower thing myself :) its just some florestry wire and fake flowers x


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