Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm not the kind of girl for a glass slipper.

This is my dream pair of shoes! I've been waiting since forever for a pair of leather brogues. Due to the fact i have really wide feet i can only really get my shoes from Evans though every now and then i do drop on a pair which fit me well from other shops too! I was worried these may look abit manish but with a cute vintage dress or something i think they would look lovely.

all i need now is somebody to buy them me, any offers?


  1. It's a more masculine style but hey, I am loving it!! It will go great with legging or a floral vintage number! =D Yum.

    x Mavy

  2. i just used the title for personal reasons you will rarely see me in high heels ever! :D

    i know there super cute :)

    oo i love you blog btw iv just followed you! i'd love a follow back :) once i get to 40 or 50 followers i'm going to do a lovely vintage give away :) xx

  3. Hi sweets!! Thanks for dropping by my blog and entering my mini-giveaway! Deadline is just around the corner.. hehe, so stay tune! =D

    PS: I love your lace top from Tesco!! luv luv lace.

    xo Mavy


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