Time has lost all meaning.

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I think these photos are really beautiful, and to me i could spend hours losing the meaning of time watching the seeds blow in the breeze finding new homes to plant there souls into.
I just find it all really tranquil and beautiful.
and i seriously LOOOVEE pocket watches. and clock necklaces, so if anyone wants to buy me one i will seriously forever love you for er, well ever. I am currently trying to find one which is old or second hand so i've been searching car boots. charity shops and many old chest of drawers which are in my grand-folks and families draws. But if all else fails theres some really lovely vintage style ones on the highstreet!
Cheers for reading beautiful.

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1 comment

  1. hi, one of these pictures are mine (the one with dandelion seeds). i would aprieciate it if you gave me some sort of credit...


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